Cultural Journeys

We craft unique and authentic journeys to some of the world’s most special destinations. You’ll see the sites, dine in carefully chosen restaurants and soak in the culture of these wonderful countries. Add the opportunity to meet locals and immerse yourself and you’ve got an incredible adventure you won’t forget.

We’ve been the Israel experts creating memorable trips to Israel for over 40 years.  Experience Israel’s incredible treasures and rich history.  Journey through sacred sites, ancient spaces, its brilliant Mediterranean coast, deserts and forests and its mystical villages. Enjoy the vibrant cosmopolitan cities filled with bars and cafes and take in this unique destination.

Enjoy this amazing tour aboard the MS Carissima! Reside and dine in luxury during the evenings and get an up close and personal view of the enchanting Danube River while cycling during the day.
From  $1,766
11 days | 9 nights
Multiple Departures
Experience Morocco - a country rich in diverse cities, fantastic cuisine, amazing shopping holiday, the desert and mountains, coastline and gorges, incredible colors, smells, sounds and views.
From  $3,054
11 days | 9 nights
Multiple Departures
Discover the unknown secrets of the Jewish community in India, while you enjoy the breathtaking scenery and fascinating culture of this amazing country!
From  $1,995
9 days | 8 nights
Multiple Departures
Learn about Cuba’s history, art, music, and Jewish life on this exclusive tour. Enjoy deluxe accommodations throughout. Spend Shabbat with members of the local Jewish Community. All meals included.
From  $2,975
6 days | 5 nights
March 19 - 24, 2019
On our culinary & wine tasting tour of Croatia, you will indulge your palate with traditional cuisine & unique wines, starting in the “Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik” and ending in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.
From  $4,574
9 days | 8 nights
Multiple Departures
The history of the Jews in Portugal reaches back over 2000 years and is directly related to Sephardi history, a Jewish ethnic division that represents communities that originated in the Iberian Peninsula.
Only  $3,340
7 days | 6 nights
Multiple Departures
Join this 10-night trip which will take you to Spain’s historical sites and renowned museums. You will also learn about the history of the Jewish community and visit the places where Jews lived and thrived.
From  $4,820
10 days | 10 nights
November 06 - 17, 2019
Visit archaeological sites in Jerusalem, Qumran, Masada, Tel Arad, Megiddo, Bet She’arim, Bet Alpha, Bet She’an & Caesarea.
From  $3600
10 days | 9 nights
February 11 - 20, 2019
Explore Venice, Florence, and Rome. Learn about their rich heritage as you stroll beautiful European gems full of culture, history and spirit.
From  $1,898
8 days | 7 nights
Multiple Departures
Explore Warsaw, Poznan, Berlin, and Prague. Learn about their rich heritage as you stroll beautiful European gems full of culture, history and spirit.
From  $1,554
7 days | 6 nights
Multiple Departures
What better way to learn about Jewish history then to go on our Jewish Heritage Israel Tour! This tour is a perfect first time introduction to the land of Israel
From  $1,832
11 days | 9 nights
Multiple Departures
The Grand Jewish Heritage Israel Tour is just that; GRAND! This tour is the perfect opportunity for those experiencing Israel for the first time, or those who want to have an extended Tel Aviv touring experience.
From  $2,221
13 days | 11 nights
Multiple Departures


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