Shopping in Tel Aviv

Below is a list of recommended shopping in Tel Aviv for anyone travelling to Israel. The Tel-Aviv shopping guide includes some great places to fulfill all your shopping needs, which we recommend to visit during an Israel tour. Find everything from jewelry and art to traditional crafts and souvenirs.

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Shopping Malls in Tel Aviv

Ayalon Shopping Mall (Ramat Gan)
Address: 301 Aba Hillel Rd. Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-5703105

Azriely Shopping Mall
Adress: 132 Derech Begin, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-6081199

Dizengoff Center Shopping Mall
Address: 50 Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-6212416

Gan H’air Shopping Center
Address: 71 Ibn Gvirol St. Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5279111

London Ministore Shopping Mall
Address: 4 Shaul Ha-Melech St., Tel Aviv

Opera Tower Shopping Mall
Address: 1 Alenby St. Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5107496

Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall
Address: 40 Einstein St. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-6426612


Address: Mitcham Ha Tachana
Location: Between Neve Tzedek and Jaffa
Comments: Great clothing
Tel: 03-6200145

Location: Hilton Hotel Lobby
Comments: Bathing suit store; Gottex, Gideon Oberzon and others

Address: 30 Shabazi Street
Location: Neve Tzedek Neighborhood
Comments: Great clothing


Address: Hatzorfim 15, old city Jaffa
Comments: Great design items for the home
Tel: 03-6209848


Agas and Tamar
Location: 43 Shabazi St., Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5168421
Comments: Elegant and contemporary hand made jewelry

H. Stern Jewelry
Address: Azrielli Center, Menachem Begin Road 132
Location: Outlets are located in all the major hotels and the Azrielli Center.
Tel: 03-5249619
Comments: The most prestigious and luxurious jewelry that Israel has to offer.

Orit Ivshin
Address: 53 Shabazi, Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5160811
Comments: Great Jewelry Gold and Silver

Michal Negrin
Location: Azrieli Center; Derech Petah Tikva & Hashalom Corner
Azrieli Center 2nd Floor, Tel Aviv
Comments: Renown Israeli jewelry artist
Tel: 03-6912799

Address: 185 Yarkon St., Tel-Aviv
Comments: Fabulous Jewelry Store for expansive jewelry and watches
Tel: 03-5270901

Shoes and Bags

DL by Daniella Lehavi
Addresses: 34 Bazel Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5440573
35 Sheinkin Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-6294044
Style:Gorgeous collection of bags and shoes

Address: 8 HaHashmal St., Tel Aviv
Designer: Yael Rozen
Tel: 03-5604890
Style: Elegant Handbags

Shani Bar
Address: 3 Mikve Yisrael, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5605981
Style: “Sexy and feminine footwear… at the same time cool, sophisticated and modern” -Shani Bar