India’s Diverse South

Tour Highlights: Chennai, Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Madurai, Thekkady, Cochin

The Gil Travel Group brings you a tour of south India’s diversity, a considerable contrast to the north of India. The influences of India’s communities; including but not limited to Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Jews, all find their place in this special tour. Colorful festivals, beautiful seaside settings, the backwaters of Kerala and wonderful weather, all of which is nearly assured.

During this tour you will enjoy deluxe seaside resorts, village Eco-lodges and boutique hotels… the diversity of places alone will be among the highlights that await you!

India: From Ladakh to Kashmir

Tour Highlights: Delhi’s historical sites, epic flight over the Himalayas to Leh, the Nubra Valley, houseboats of Kashmir

Join the Gil Travel Group’s Iconic Journeys on this trip to these remote regions, for what promises to be one of the most unusual travel experiences. We will visit Ladakh, with its strong Tibetan Buddhist influences. Starting with an epic flight over the Himalayas to Leh, we will first visit ancient palaces, forts and monasteries of the Indus Valley where we will also be able to see rural life in the old Silk Road kingdom of Ladakh.  From here we will visit the remote Nubra Valley over the world’s highest driveable pass before heading on what is generally regarded as one of the most spectacular roads in the whole Himalaya – via Lamayuru to Srinagar and its beautiful Alpine mountains and lakes.

This itinerary is perfect for those with a real sense of adventure!

It may sound obvious but…

The Gil Travel Group’s Iconic Journeys’ tours are not always for everyone! It is important to us that the tour you choose is the most suitable. Please therefore take time to read the itinerary description very carefully. This particular tour will include some rather rustic and basic travel segments. We try and make the trip as comfortable as we can with regards to accommodations and the vehicles used, but this is to be balanced with the remote area of some of the itinerary. Should you have any concerns about your ability to partake in any aspect of the tour then please contact the office.


Exotic India: A Journey Through the Northern Triangle

Tour Highlights: From Delhi to the Taj Mahal and the Ganges River. Experience India like never before!

India is a land that has for millennia, stifled many would-be conquerors, from Phoenician traders, Persian spice merchants, Mughals to British colonials. All have left their imprints in art, architecture, food, language and many other ways, too numerous to name.

Today, with a population of a billion people, the fascination and diversity of India still is intoxicating, baffling, bazaar and at the same time, dynamic and moving forward as an economic force to be recognized, as well as being the largest democracy in the world.

This special tour from the Gil Travel Group’s Iconic Journeys, concentrates on northern India. Combining expert tour leadership the comfort of deluxe hotels, wonderful cuisine, plus…the personal touch that makes our tours so rewarding.

Join us for this deluxe tour of India’s “Northern Triangle”.

The memories will last forever…

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