Cuba: The Artists and Foodies

Travel to Cuba and meet with many of Havana’s top and up and coming artists, enjoy meals at some of Havana’s hottest new paladars and learn about the changes evolving in our neighboring country!

The Natural Wonders of Peru

Tour Highlights: Journey with us to Peru to glimpse rich, ancient  Incan history, explore Peru’s metropolitan capital city Lima,  and remark at the wonders of mysterious Machu Picchu!

Peru is a country where the traditions have transcended through the ages and they are the foundation for present Peruvian lifestyle. The dichotomy shapes the diverse landscape and people, being the very reason why Peru is such a fascinating country to visit.

Spend nine exhilarating days immersing yourself in its rich history. Known for the esteemed architecture of Machu Picchu and cultural fusion of native Indian, African American and European elements, you will spend your trip captivated by the bountiful natural sites and enchanted by the bustle of vibrant cities.

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