Once I submit my extension request form, will I be asked to confirm the return flight?

No, once you submit the extension request form, you agree to let us confirm your return flight on the return date you provided if the rate matches the quoted fee of your airline (See details here). Please be aware that we consider flights from 00:00 to 23:59 on the provided date. You will only be asked to re-confirm a return flight if the quoted fee is not available and a higher fee is offered by the airline, or if there is no flight availability on the provided date.

I see a flight available online, but I was told there was no availability or the price is higher than the base rate. Why?

Birthright group tickets are subject to specific terms and conditions. There may be cases where a flight is available to the public that does not meet the requirements to be offered as part of the Birthright program. In some cases, the same class of service the group has is not also available for the requested extension, and the airline offers a higher fare to confirm the requested return flight. We always do everything possible to accommodate each request, and will provide you with the best options available.