Working with Schools/Universities/Other Education Facilities, small and large is one of our strongest assets.


  • Because we listen to our clients’ particular needs
  • We provide top notch programming
  • We negotiate with the suppliers on our client’s behalf and our 40+ years of experience together with our purchasing power allows us favorable supplier terms.
  • Our logistic coordination experience on the ground is unmatched

In a nutshell, the Executive Educator and his staff/leadership can trust that we will provide exceptional service to every one of their participants.

The Educator/Scholar and leadership member who wishes to take their students to Israel or another Jewish Heritage destination has a very distinct goal in mind.  No matter who the audience is, the wish is clear:  The trip should be educational, exciting and spiritually fulfilling.  Their students should come back home having had a wonderful time, their spirits uplifted, their souls enriched and their knowledge expanded.

This is exactly what our experienced staff strive to achieve.   Every step of the way, we are totally in tune with what the client is looking for.

  • We learn about the institution.  Is it religious?  Does the trip need to be Kosher?  What is the exact mix?  What is the age group?  What are the educational goals?
  • We discuss the possible itinerary in great detail.
  •  We ask lots of questions:
    •  What are the educational goals of the trip?
    •  What are the ages of the students?
    •  What is the flavor of the trip?
    •  What are the budgetary constraints?
  • We go back and forth many times until the program and cost is just right.

Once the itinerary is set, our work is just beginning.

  • We assist the school/educational facility in creating the graphics/copy for any promotional piece
  • We create a website just for their trip, allowing the school staff/parents/students to apply online
  • We provide information to the parents of the students or the school group leader continuously
  • We collect all the payments and payment can be made online in a safe portal
  • We provide up to the minute reports to the school staff:
    • Participant list, payment list, airline lists, hotel lists, bus lists, meal lists, special events lists etc.
  • When possible, we join school meetings and provide travel/insurance details as necessary
  • When the group is abroad, we are in constant contact with our partners to make sure that the service is seamless
  • We are in contact with the school staff/group organizer when they return to take care of any issues that occurred during the trip
  • No stone is left unturned!  We take that extra step because we know that your success is our success

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Igal Hami

Owner and ceo

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