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Ivy C.

I want to thank you so much for arranging the Jewish Journey to Portugal for me. It was FANTASTIC. There were only 3 people on the tour, including me! So it was quite personalized. And so meaningful for me. Our tour guide, Cristina Leal, was wonderful. I was constantly amazed at how much history she …

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Trip is going wonderfully, a fantastic opportunity for my Christian friends to see and experience Israel. Nadav has been terrific; he and I have tweaked the schedules at times as we discovered not everyone was as physically fit as they used to be. Our driver, extremely personable and friendly. We arrived in Jerusalem yesterday afternoon …

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Robert H.

I wanted to send a quick note thanking you and your staff for the extra help I needed prior to the Morocco trip. I also want to mention what a great job your on site team (Sharon) did throughout the trip.


Working on an IDF Air Force base was a privilege and their hospitality was stellar.  Julia’s touring sites were as-advertised, off-the-radar and wonderful, each an exquisite learning experience.  But the high point was the excitement of extracting 6,000-year-old artifacts from the soil with my own dirty hands, while learning from professional archaeologists.  That is quality, …

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I really didn’t know what to expect.  I enjoyed actually doing the exhausting physical work of digging, carefully removing dirt around stones, moving debris with the wheelbarrow, sifting, and washing pottery shards, small animal bones, and flint stones.  Learning about the site history from our archeology madricha was valuable. I am now more aware of the …

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We are back to Germany after the Archaeology program and having a wonderful time in Israel. There were many important and interesting parts of our journey.  The following was particularly important to me: conversations with the group and with the young female soldiers while working in the warehouse.  Also, the explanations regarding archaeological procedures.  Finally, …

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The VFI Plus Archaeology trip was a new and exciting program and time.  We had excellent accommodations and facilities on base and at the dig.  We met new and exciting people on base and at the dig.  I recommend it to anyone.


The top two personal reasons for participating in the program were: 1) To gain a better (basic) understanding of what exactly is happening in the Mideast and why; and 2) To see the holy lands and all the historical sites in Israel. Thanks – we had a good trip and mission accomplished on my goals!

2018 Participant

The VFI Plus program was a real Plus in my life! While I am not Jewish it taught me about the need for Israel, the importance of the work that we did while on base, showed me the important sites in Israel and brought a better understanding of why Israel is an important partner for …

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2018 Participant

VFI PLUS ADVANCED is the Israel experience that offers something for everyone.  A true sense of helping, as well as being there for Israelis was achieved along with the excitement of touring new and different areas of a country, I thought I had experienced before.  There were numerous ventures previously unknown to me.

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