Maria C.

Ya de regreso en Philly. Gracias mil por tu ayuda.   Mi viaje fue todo un éxito!  Baruch HaShem!

Nada T | Active Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017

The trip exceeded my expectations.  It was fantastic.  I loved Maier’s lectures and the way Sharon took care of every need.  I loved the places we visited and really want to go back in a year or two.  Everything was great.  Please let me know if Sharon will be taking a Gil trip somewhere.  I very well might consider joining.

Cathy and Issie S

Dear Susan and Ayelet,

Issie and I want to thank you for a wonderful trip. It more than exceeded our expectations.

Jacky Maayan was professional, knowledgeable, an all around gentleman, besides being a comedian!  The hotels were great (thanks again for the switch). An all around perfect experience.

We have been raving since we got home, in fact our friends Barry and Sue will be contacting you soon.

All The Best,

Beth F | Active Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017

Hello Susan,

Thanks for the email list.

The trip was excellent. All the venues/events you chose were great, particularly the Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem, the trip to Mizgav Am, and the mini seminar at the hotel (can’t recall his name.)

Although several people were not really “active” 55+, most kept up with the pace of the tours.

Our guide, Natalie, and trip operator, Elizabeth were simply extraordinary!!!!
My recommendation would be to use them again and again for your tours. I have experienced many tours over the years, both as a participant and as a working employee…Natalie and Elizabeth are by far the BEST.

Thank you, Susan, for all your hard work to make the tour memorable.

Please let me know if you need any other feedback.

Best regards,

Al and Carol W | Active Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017

Susan Blum,

We have enjoyed our trip to Israel and we are glad that we toured with Gil Travel Senior Tours. Our guides, Meir and Sharon are knowledgeable and looked out for our safety every step of the way. Our bus driver, Mickie, is a professional driver in every sense of the word, driving and parking our bus with expertise. We were treated with respect by the crew and enjoyed the camaraderie with our fellow travelers.

We have recommended Gil Travel to others and intend to continue to recommend Gil Travel.

Thank you,

Lynn and Stan B | Active Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017


We had a great time with the group on our Israel adventure.
The tour was well-organized and extremely informative.
This was our first trip to Israel, and we learned so much.
Meir is fantastic, both as a guide and a mensch.
He and Sharon made the days easier and more pleasurable in every way.
We won’t hesitate to recommend Gil and you (specifically) to friends interested in Israel.

Happy Passover

Linda D | Active Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017

Hi Susan,

I loved the tour. Meir was a fantastic guide. His diverse knowledge of archeology, customs, politics, history, and the Bible made for wonderful lectures. Sharon, too, was very professional, competent, and friendly. I thought the organization of the tour was excellent, too.

Our only problem was with the quality and presentation of the food. Eating food prepared for a steam table night after night was very boring and repetitive. As Terry mentioned to Sharon, we would rather have paid more and gone to restaurants. There are now so many good restaurants in Israel, and those that we went to on our own were excellent.

Not everyone may feel as we did about the food, but the rest of the tour more than compensated for that disappointment in my view. Thanks for your help.

Jean B | Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017


In the words of Natalie I rate the trip “great, terrific, brilliant.” Natalie and Elizabeth were true
“traveling treasures” and I look forward to further travels with them.

Nana M. | Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017

Our trip to Israel, touring with Gil Travel Senior Tour, more than fulfilled our hopes and expectations. It was worth every detail and investment of both time and finances. Over the years we have studied about the land, its history, its people. Biblically speaking, we had yearned for this opportunity for about 40+ years. But now we devoted extra time and effort in learning more about the specific places on the itinerary. Even learned enough Hebrew to be able to say some of the most important phrases, including, “Please” and “Thank you.” It was so rewarding to see faces relax in a smile of appreciation, because manners count.

Bus 2 : Fabulous, caring, helpful, warm and funny leaders (Nat and Eli); always smiling, great driver (Meier) and a bunch of congenial people together for the ten days…
A wonderful miracle of coincidences we hope you can manage again!!

Brian and Estelle R

Hi Susan,

The trip was fantastic and everything that Estelle and I had hoped for.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of places we were able to see each day.  Although we were unable to spend a lot of time at any one place in particular, the tour let us absorb and appreciate the essence of Israel and the Jewish history in the area.

The hotels were perfectly fine and although I am unable to eat a lot of the food available at breakfast, I was amazed at the number of offerings as well as the excellent service.

However, in my opinion, the true standout of the trip was our tour guide Doran.  The breadth and depth of his knowledge regarding all facets of Israel including history, archeology, geology, politics, culture, religions, military. etc., was only matched by his eagerness to share it with the tour group.  He had a lot of responsibility in keeping everyone together, getting to the stops on time, and dealing with the assorted personalities, all of which he accomplished with great humor and professionalism.  Also, I need to mention the driver who was able to maneuver the bus through many tight and awkward spaces without incident.  In fact some of his moves actually elicited applause from the passengers.

As you know we arrived in Israel a day late due to the unexpected snow storm but the driver that met us at the airport brought us directly to the tour which allowed us to only miss the first half hour or so.  On our last day at the Carlton in Tel Aviv we were supposed to vacate the room by 12:00 PM but were scheduled to be driven to the airport at 9:00 PM for our 12:30 AM flight home.  However, the staff at the Carlton allowed us to stay in the room until 2:00. We called Moshe Eitan to see if he could get us to the airport earlier and he was able to pick us up at 6:00 which allowed us to get through the VAT line and spend some time at the EL Al lounge before our flight home.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your excellent advice (hotel choices, staying at the airport, etc.) and quick responses to my emails.  You essentially saved our long awaited trip when you were able to quickly rebook us on a flight the day after the storm caused our original flight to be canceled.