Annette S | VFI 2016

Dear Steve:

Sometime after this note will come a short response to your request for a blurb why VFI/SAR-EL. In the meantime I want to thank YOU repeatedly for a wonderful time with our group “plus”. Never could I have imagined the wonderful experiences that awaited me/us before we began our trip. YOU made the event fault-free with ever so much quality time. There seemed no issue that you could not find a solution. Actually I don’t think there were any issues––but if there were, YOU made them disappear quickly. I shall always remember that first night in the dining room of our hotel for our shabbat dinner, Wes, in introducing himself and commenting on things that might occur, mentioned, “oh yes, and Steve Plotkin would be joining this group.” That seemed important to him, so I reasoned it must be an important to me also. Well, YOU surely did make a difference. YOU are masterful as a leader, gently guiding, urging, nudging, whatever seemed to work. And your sense of humor was the way into all of our hearts. Thank you so much for pushing for the SAR-EL plus. I plan to promote this program as much as I can. Today, hearing of the earthquake in Indonesia I assume that the IDF was on the forefront with “our” supplies helping the injured and the traumatized. I truly felt that our work was valuable. The weekend sorties were an unexpected bonus. Our Last Supper was too amazingly delicious and such a wonderful way to conclude an experience of a lifetime. Thank you thank you for all of your labors. What do you hear from your little sister? You two were my favorites!!

In addition to the wonderful memories mentioned above another person who made the journey so very memorable was Fallon Robinson. What a dear. She is perhaps the most competent travel agent we have ever worked with. As she began to enter our lives this summer I was always heartened that she knew all of the answers/or was eager to get the right answers for me as quickly as possible. What amazed me was that she thought of things I never dreamed of thinking and acted on our behalf with our total confidence that her reasoning was correct. She was delightful to speak with and was always six steps ahead of my thinking. She was never annoyed by my constant phoning and questioning. She was very professional and a delightful young lady with whom to work. Please let her know of our pleasure in working with her––and you could even let her superior know of our gratitude as she repeatedly went the extra mile on our behalf.

I am quickly getting back into a normal sleep schedule, mail sorting and becoming germ-free. Happy tiling and other carpentry joys.