Cheri and Don P | VIP Israel Tour

Dear Susan,

Don and I wanted to thank you for an extraordinary trip to Israel.

Everything from the travel arrangements (including your VIP escort service), itinerary, choice of hotels, restaurant accommodations and especially our fantastic guide; exceeded our expectations. We felt secure, pampered, educated and constantly excited.

In addition, we enjoyed the group that you matched us with! Such nice people with so much in common! We got along so well that after our days of touring, we chose to dine together each evening and had so much fun! We are now discussing our next trip together!

The highlight of our trip was our incredible guide, Meni Tzabari.

He was like a human Wikipedia! So knowledgeable, fun and responsive to our needs.  He planned our days efficiently (avoiding traffic, giving us “facility breaks”, arranging food and water replenishment), that we were able to add sites to our itinerary, without feeling rushed or tired out. Meni even planned a birthday surprise for one of our group and made that whole day a little more special.  Also, I had a “special request” to take a camel ride and he was able to fit this into the schedule without taking us off our path. We were all amazed at how many people Meni knew and how he was greeted with such warmth and respect.

Meni’s enthusiasm was contagious. He exuded and passed to us, such a sense of history and pride for the people and history of Israel in all of its diversity and complexity.  We all felt so lucky to have him guide us through this amazing adventure!

Again Susan, thank you for all your efforts to make our dream trip… also a perfect one!