Nana M. | Senior Israel Tour Spring 2017

Our trip to Israel, touring with Gil Travel Senior Tour, more than fulfilled our hopes and expectations. It was worth every detail and investment of both time and finances. Over the years we have studied about the land, its history, its people. Biblically speaking, we had yearned for this opportunity for about 40+ years. But now we devoted extra time and effort in learning more about the specific places on the itinerary. Even learned enough Hebrew to be able to say some of the most important phrases, including, “Please” and “Thank you.” It was so rewarding to see faces relax in a smile of appreciation, because manners count.

Bus 2 : Fabulous, caring, helpful, warm and funny leaders (Nat and Eli); always smiling, great driver (Meier) and a bunch of congenial people together for the ten days…
A wonderful miracle of coincidences we hope you can manage again!!