Israel: Jerusalem Segway Tour

Experience the majesty of Jerusalem’s stunning and picturesque forest on a Segway ride through the heart of the city. The City of David invites you to experience the hidden treasure of the lesser known yet magnificently beautiful paths opposite the Armon Hanatziv Promenade under the canopy of trees in the Peace Forest. Our Segway tour offers guests a nature experience in the heart of a sprawling city. Enjoy the breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere of Armon Hanatziv’s landscape with Ancient Jerusalem unfolding to the north and the City of David standing at its center.

Israel: Scavenger Hunt

On the backdrop of ancient relics, picturesque alleys, and timeless charm, discover Israel through a scavenger hunt; there is no better way to encounter and experience the epic tales of the past, intertwined with the present and future!

How does it work?

The Scavenger Hunts offered are the perfect combination of fun, adventure, learning and inspiration! In teams, with maps, mission packs, source sheets in hand, you will navigate your way through the streets and alleys – learning, racing and engaging with the story of Israel and its people. There are multiple routes to choose from, so you can (re)acquaint with Israel the way you want. This is facilitated by an expert game leader.

Who is it for?

Scavenger Hunts provides a fun and unique opportunity to get to know Israel. This memorable learning experience is great and recommended for groups of all ages and interests. We run programs for family groups, Bar/Bat Mitzvah groups, community/synagogue missions, corporate groups, school groups and college students. These tour games are great for first time visitors to Israel as well as seasoned tourists to get to know Israel and each other.  One does not need prior Israel/Jewish knowledge to participate. It is recommended for participants ages 6 and up for a well-rounded and meaningful experience.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour 2017

Israel Tour Highlights: Western Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre, Church of Nativity

This one day tour takes you through both Jerusalem and Bethlehem, which provides a wonderful introduction to the rich Christian heritage in Israel. Be awe inspired by the magnificent views of city of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert from the Mount of Olives. Explore the depths of Mt. Zion to visit King David’s tomb as well as the site of the Last Supper.  Step back in time while visiting the Old City and Bethlehem, and be emotionally moved at the sites where Jesus was born and crucified.

Biblical Highlights of the Galilee 2017

Tour Highlights: Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jordan River

This exciting one day tour provides a wonderful opportunity to visit the Biblical highlights in the Galilee for a short-and-sweet travel experience. The day tour highlights include Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and the Jordan River. Stop at Nazareth where Jesus spent his childhood, travel back in time to view the ruins of the ancient synagogue where Jesus taught in Capernaum, and other important sites in Jesus’s life. If you only have one day and want to take a quick journey of the Bible in the Galilee, you can’t go wrong with this Biblical Highlights of the Galilee tour!

Israel: Mediterranean Coast Tour 2017

Israel Tour Highlights: Caesarea, Haifa, Rosh Hanikra grottos, Acre

This one day tour takes you on a journey along the coast of the Mediterranean. Journey from Caesarea to view the archaeological ruins, then continue to Haifa for the magnificent  Bahai Gardens. Other highlights on this one day tour include the limestone grottos in Rosh Hanikra and the gorgeous Turkish city of Acre. For the best tour of the incredible Israeli-Mediterranean coast, look no further and get a real bang for your buck!

Israel: Heritage Tour 2017

Israel Tour Highlights: Tel Aviv, Independence Hall, Latrun, Armored Corps Museum, Mini Israel, Ayalon Institute

Our Israel Heritage Tour is made for those who want to dedicate one day to touring some of the most prominent landmarks in Tel Aviv, Latrun, and Rehovot for an exciting day of culture, learning, and sight-seeing. The day brings the history of Israel’s creation to life. Visit Independence Hall in Tel Aviv where the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, read the Declaration of Independence. Enjoy all of Israel in one place – Mini-Israel where all the major sites are in miniature. At the Ayalon Institute see the underground munitions factory that right under the eyes of the British manufactured millions of bullets as the ordinary life of a kibbutz went on about the underground installation.

Israel: Jewish Heritage Tour of Jerusalem 2017

Jerusalem Tour Highlights: Mt Scopus, Western Wall, Yad Vashem, Ammunition Hill, Mea Shearim, Mount Herzl

The Jewish Heritage Tour of Jerusalem is a perfect opportunity for deep exploration in the city of Jerusalem! Be awe inspired by the magnificent views of city of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert from Mount Scopus. Step back in time while visiting the Old City, and emotionally moved by the remains of the Western wall of Jerusalem from the 1st Temple period. Other highlights include incredible visits to Yad Vashem, Mea Shearim and Mount Hertzel. For the best of Jerusalem’s rich offerings, look no further.

Israel: Safed and Golan Heights Tour 2017

Israel Tour Highlights: Safed, ancient synagogues, Golan Heights, Hula Valley

The Safed and Golan Heights Day Tour is sure to be as educational as it is breath-taking. See the famous sites that make this gorgeous region of Northern Israel so special and enjoy spectacular scenery with unforgettable views of some of the most beautiful spots in Israel. Safed is the city known as the center of Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism. Visit the ancient synagogues and the Artists’ Quarter whose works are special to Safed. Continue to the Golan Heights and learn about its strategic importance to Israel all while taking in the incredible natural beauty to fall in love with Israel even more!

Israel: Massada and Dead Sea Tour 2017

Israel Tour Highlights: Massada, Dead Sea, Qumran

This one day tour takes you to Massada, the site of one of the most passionate historical stories in the region. Ascend the site by cable car to step back in time and tour the mountain fortress built by King Herod, where the Zealots of the first century made their last stand against the Romans. Visit the remains of the walls, palaces, synagogue, water cisterns, mosaic floors, roman baths and other findings. Continue to the Dead Sea and enjoy the unique opportunity to swim in the salty, buoyant waters of the lowest place on earth!

Jordan: Petra One Day Tour 2016

Jordan Tour Highlights: Petra

This fantastic and affordable Petra Tour offers a wonderful opportunity to walk through 2,000 years of history and view one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. Petra is one of the most incredible archaeological, anthropological and geological phenomena of the Middle East, so look no further for an amazing cultural experience while visiting. The Petra One Day tour makes a great addition to any of our Israel Tours and/or Egypt Tours.