Cuba: People, Art and Culture

Tour Highlights: Havana – Trinidad – Cienfuegos and more…

Experience Cuba as few people do! With visits to Havana and other towns and rural areas, you will be able to enjoy a diverse look at this island country…a country that is undergoing many changes.

Cuba is changing rapidly, particularly since the December 2014 announcement by President Obama of the new U.S.-Cuba relations his March 2016 visit to Cuba.

rsz_1p1040786_cuba_1524_children_outside_artist_homeTraveling on this small group tour with the Gil Travel Group will provide participants with many opportunities to meet Cubans of varying backgrounds, hear about the changes and learn about the life and culture of Cuba. 

Space is limited, as the small group experience allows us to offer the people-to-people exchanges that make visiting Cuba so special!  

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Imperial Capitals: Prague-Vienna-Budapest

Europe Tour Highlights: Prague, Vienna, Budapest

This incredible journey is unlike any other. On your tour of Prague, Vienna and Budapest you will be overwhelmed by the myriad of sights we meticulously selected just for you. Throughout your journey you will see each city’s most famous sites. In Prague, you will visit the Royal Castle of Hradcany, which dates back to the 9th century. In Vienna, enjoy the Kunsthistorische Museum, which houses one of the world’s greatest collections of the old masters. In Budapest, discover the charming and beautiful city that once was the twin cities, Buda and Pest in 1873. This tour offers the best of these incredible Imperial cities that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Cuba: The Artists and Foodies

Travel to Cuba and meet with many of Havana’s top and up and coming artists, enjoy meals at some of Havana’s hottest new paladars and learn about the changes evolving in our neighboring country!

India’s Diverse South

Tour Highlights: Chennai, Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Madurai, Thekkady, Cochin

The Gil Travel Group brings you a tour of south India’s diversity, a considerable contrast to the north of India. The influences of India’s communities; including but not limited to Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Jews, all find their place in this special tour. Colorful festivals, beautiful seaside settings, the backwaters of Kerala and wonderful weather, all of which is nearly assured.

During this tour you will enjoy deluxe seaside resorts, village Eco-lodges and boutique hotels… the diversity of places alone will be among the highlights that await you!

Exotic India: A Journey Through the Northern Triangle

Tour Highlights: From Delhi to the Taj Mahal and the Ganges River. Experience India like never before!

India is a land that has for millennia, stifled many would-be conquerors, from Phoenician traders, Persian spice merchants, Mughals to British colonials. All have left their imprints in art, architecture, food, language and many other ways, too numerous to name.

Today, with a population of a billion people, the fascination and diversity of India still is intoxicating, baffling, bazaar and at the same time, dynamic and moving forward as an economic force to be recognized, as well as being the largest democracy in the world.

This special tour from the Gil Travel Group’s Iconic Journeys, concentrates on northern India. Combining expert tour leadership the comfort of deluxe hotels, wonderful cuisine, plus…the personal touch that makes our tours so rewarding.

Join us for this deluxe tour of India’s “Northern Triangle”.

The memories will last forever…

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Jerry Sorkin 

Director of Marketing & Product Development 

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Egypt in the luxury of the Pharaohs

Egypt Nile Cruise Tour Highlights: Nile River, Cairo, Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Cheops Pyramid & Sphinx, Aswan, Sail around Elephantine Island & the Botanical Gardens, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Edfu’s Temple of Horus, Luxor, Karnak Temples,

Optional tour to Abu Simbel.

Embark on a unforgettable journey that is designed to allow you to view Egypt relaxed as you cruise up the Nile River. Explore the many Temples of Luxor and Edfu. Enjoy an exhilarating carriage ride as it takes you through town to the Temple of Horus.