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Israel &
the Jewish

We’ve been the leading travel agency for Israel and Jewish related travel around the world for many prestigious organizations and thousands of individuals for over 40 years. Whether visiting Israel for the first time, taking your family on a heritage trip to learn about your roots or mixing a fun vacation with a little Jewish History, we’ll immerse you in this special travel experience.


Iconic Journeys

We craft unique and authentic journeys to some of the world’s most special destinations. You’ll see the sites, dine in carefully chosen restaurants and soak in the culture of these wonderful countries. Add the opportunity to meet locals and immerse yourself and you’ve got an incredible adventure you won’t forget.



We know that passing the 55 mark doesn’t mean you want to stop traveling. It just means you want to slow down and see the world. That’s why we’ve crafted senior tours that are an active, fun and well-paced way to travel with others looking for the same experience.


Christian & Holy Land

For you, walking in Jesus’s footsteps and seeing the Holy Land means fulfilling a lifelong dream. We’re here to help make that dream come true. From Nazareth, to Bethlehem, to Via Dolorosa and more, there’s nothing quite like seeing this incredible land and expressing your faith.



You’re a person that never wants to stop learning. We combine that love of learning with the love of travelling into one of a kind tours to a variety of countries focused on a specific topic and led by an expert scholar in that field. What better way to learn than to see the places steeped in history firsthand?

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Phyllis SPhyllis S
This was a wonderful trip to Tunisia. Our guide was terrific…full of knowledge and our driver, Ridha was great.  We had a chance to meet with his family. A real treat. I also want to thank you for the lunch we shared. I had a terrific time…Will keep checking your website for trips.


What a fantastic trip! I really didn’t think I was “ready” for a “senior” tour, but I was. “Senior” on this tour did not mean “old.” It meant accommodation for all participants. What a gift!


Greg OGreg O
I will make this note of appreciation short, but we could go on forever with regards to how perfect our recent trip to Israel turned out, much to the credit and hard work of you and our guide. You both provided such attention to detail, flexibility for change, and great recommendations throughout the trip.


Roberta VRoberta V
The India travel experience was incredible and everything worked out perfectly. The three day experience at the school in Bangalore was priceless. Not only were all the hotels wonderful, the touring, guides and personal attention to travels needs and safety were first class...I would highly recommend to those clients who want something different.


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