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Take Jewish heritage travel to the next level on a trip to Oman.

Oman has a history that goes back to antiquity, but the modern country is a mix of fabulous shopping malls and high-rises next to 16th-century historical landmarks.

Muscat is Oman‘s port capital. It’s surrounded by desert and mountains and is known for modern streets next to Portuguese forts from the 15th century.

See Muscat’s Grand Mosque, home to what was once the world’s largest rug until another in the UAE took the title.

Visit Oman’s national parks, home to the Arabian leopard. Find hidden wadis on spectacular hikes, like Wadi Ash Shab. The hike is one of the top highlights in Oman, beginning with a short boat ride to a narrow canyon home to crystal clear blue water pools and a hidden waterfall in a cave.

Visit beautiful palm-fringed beaches. Scuba dive along the 2000 kilometers of coastline in Oman. Visit the marble-clad Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Old Palace, or the breathtaking Nizea fort.

There are no Jewish synagogues in Oman and there is no Jewish community today in Oman, but there is still plenty to explore on Jewish heritage tours in Oman.

Visit the Jewish Cemetery of Sohar, where the tombs are built of brick and mortar and the graves are engraved in Hebrew.

Jewish heritage tours in Oman take travellers to the tomb of Job, in Jabal Dohfar and discuss how Benjamin of Tudela reported on a Jewish community in the area hundreds of years ago. The community disappeared before 1900.

The government has reached out to the Jewish community and leaders around the world for more cooperation and to encourage Jewish travel to Oman.

Jewish travel to Oman is an opportunity to see the Arab world and a Gulf country that is welcoming, fascinating, and filled with ancient history.

Ruins Birkat Al Mud
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