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Travel Insurance – Your Protection

With over 50 years of experience in the travel industry, Gil Travel understands how important it is to have a backup plan when you’re on vacation in the form of a solid travel insurance. We know about every possible situation that can arise when travelling and are prepared to support you through any possible event on your Jewish heritage tour and Jewish travel in general.


We recommend travel insurance because we understand the purpose of vacation: it’s for you to stop worrying. Travel insurance takes the burden of worry off of your shoulders so you can enjoy your next trip and know that you’re covered in any situation.

For visiting Israel, travel health insurance in Israel is not only a great option but a necessary one. It can make Jewish travel much easier and is required now for all travelers to the country. For Jewish heritage tours in general, travel insurance offers you protection if your flight is cancelled or you need to cancel or change your trip due to illness.

There are many reasons for buying travel insurance, and we’re here to guide you through the various options so you can make the right choice.



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Why is it important to have a travel insurance policy for Israel and other Jewish heritage tours?

Imagine you’re on a trip of a lifetime. You’ve seen Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa with your family. You have a whole other half of your trip planned, and it’s going to involve hiking, bicycling, and maybe even a little rafting.

But someone in your family needs medical attention. Now you have to consider several things: paying for the cost of medical care in another country, covering the cost of activities lost that you won’t be able to enjoy, and perhaps even coming home early, depending on what your family decides to do. 

Or picture this. You’re about to head home from a life-changing trip exploring the Jewish past of Morocco. You’ve got your photos ready to show to your grandkids, and you’ve bought a few leather souvenirs to give to some friends.

It’s a day before your plane departs to take you home, and you can’t find your passport. Now you have to consider a few things: How to change your flight if you don’t have a passport, how to get a new passport at the embassy, and how much all of that is going to cost. 

The idea is that you never use your travel insurance. Just like any security measure, it’s best to have it in the background and never need to think about it after you prepare it. 

But anything can happen when you’re traveling, whether you’re on Jewish travel or at your house, so making sure you have a backup if your flight is cancelled, your baggage is lost, or you get injured will make sure your trip goes smoothly. 

Note: If you are traveling to Israel, since Covid-19, travel insurance has been a requirement for visitors to the country. 


For what should you consider travel protection?

  • If your trip gets cancelled

  • If your trip is interrupted

  • If you have emergency medical expenses

  • If you need emergency evacuation or repatriation

  • If your trip is delayed

  • If you lose your baggage

  • If you have a delay in your baggage arriving


Insurance policies cover various services such as:

  • Visa requirements 

  • Cash transfers

  • Assistance with lost tickets

  • Assistance with passports

  • Local medical care

  • Emergency medical assistance

  • International dining suggestions

  • And more

How can you choose a travel insurance policy?

Whether heading on a Jewish heritage tour to South America, North Africa, or Europe, having travel insurance can make it so your trip goes smoothly. 

If you’re heading on a family trip, there are plenty of options, like international medical group travel insurance, or travel health insurance for groups.

While there are many options for travel insurance, one of the smoothest ways to reserve insurance is through the company you’re traveling with. At Gil Travel, we partner with ROAMRIGHT. You can call them at 1-866-891-6614 and reference GIL Travel. If you have any more questions, you can speak with us directly. 

Please Note: To be eligible for the waiver of pre-existing medical condition exclusion, the protection plan must be purchased within 21 days from the time you make your initial trip deposit, the entire non-refundable amount of the trip must be insured, and you must be medically able to travel at the time premium is paid. However, the travel protection plan itself can be purchased any time prior to departure.

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