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Legend says that Jews settled in Poland when the birds sang “Polin” from the trees, or “rest here.”

Jewish history in Poland is complex and multilayered, and one of the best ways to discover it is through Jewish heritage tours to Poland.

Before the outbreak of World War II, Poland was home to the largest Jewish population in Europe and the second-largest Jewish community in the world.

It was the center for Jewish culture and life, but barely 11% of Poland’s Jews survived the war.

Jewish heritage travel in Poland is an opportunity to explore its complicated post-war history and to meet the people who are trying to recover its long Jewish legacy.

Poland isn’t just a place where Jewish people died, it was where Jewish people lived for centuries. Museums like the Polin museum are the perfect opportunity to get to know what life was like for Jewish people in Poland before the war.

Visit Klezmer-Hois (The House of the Klezmer), meet with the JCC of Krakow Executive Director to learn about the current Polish Jewish community, and pay tribute to the lives lost during World War II at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

One of the most interesting places to go on Jewish heritage trips to Poland, tour the “Oneg Shabbat” archive documenting the reality of life under Nazi occupation.

Poland is the site of years of Jewish history, Jewish joy, and Jewish suffering.

Jewish tours to Poland are emotional, enlightening, and unforgettable. Book a trip to Poland to discover an often difficult past and learn about a place that was home to Jews for centuries.

Poland Experience

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