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From the charming old town of Bruges to the vibrant city of Brussels, Jewish heritage tours in Belgium are opportunities to explore a central and historic country in Europe.

Visit 10th-century castles, discover canal-laden towns like Bruges, witness famous battlefields from the Battle of Flanders, and more, then stop for waffles and fries while you explore the center of Europe.

It’s the headquarters of the European Parliament, the economic and urban center of the European Union, and home to the fourth-largest Jewish community in Europe, famous for its involvement in the diamond and fur industries, with a unique and fascinating history best explored on a Jewish heritage tour in Belgium.

On Jewish heritage trips to Belgium, learn about the 45% of Belgian Jews deported to concentration camps during World War II, and discover that Belgium was the only country where a transport was stopped and deportees had a chance to escape.

Discover the lovely old town of Brussels or the fashion and diamond capital of Antwerp on a Jewish heritage trip to Belgium. Visit the Great Synagogue, a Romanesque building now considered a symbol of pan-European Judaism.

Visit the Belgian Jewish Museum to see religious objects from the 16th century or see the National Monument to the Jewish Martyrs of Belgium. The Great Synagogue of Europe, completed in 1878, is also an important stop on a Jewish tour of Belgium.

There’s so much to explore in Belgium, and all while enjoying the beer, chocolate, and other treats that the country is famous for.

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