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From the comfort of your living room.

We are called “Jewish nomads” for a reason.

As a people, we have moved from one place to another and in between we have created communities and cultures, where we built synagogues, mikvahs, and community centers. We built rich worlds wherever we landed, and interacted with the surrounding culture, creating unique mixes of Jewish life in each place we lived. In some places, we were able to stay, and in others, too often tragedy stuck and we were forced to leave.

The buildings left behind are living remnants of our past. We are a mosaic full of rich stories, each with their own unique history, culture, places, and most of all, people.

That’s why Gil Travel has partnered with Qesher to provide you with virtual Jewish cultural tours to discover unique Jewish stories from around the world. Each week new speakers from different regions and communities are introduced to give you the chance to enrich and deepen your knowledge of our shared Jewish heritage. Virtually visit Jewish museums, synagogues, and everywhere in between from the comfort of your home. See the streets of Havana, tour the synagogues in Cape Town, hear the stories of the Jews of Kurdistan, or learn about the history of Jews in India.

Experience the Jewish world from the comfort of your living room!

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Reviving the history of the Jewish community of Mosul, Iraq

From 18

As a historian, I understand the difference between what happened and the “narrative of what happened”....
Monica 4
Jewish Mexico: a Visual Journey

From 18

I invite you to a visual tour through the history of the Jews in Mexico, focused mostly on the twentieth...
Dohany Synagogue
From affirmation to persecution and revival

From 18

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has one of the most fascinating Jewish cultures and history in Europe....
Jewish legacy in Anatolia and today's Turkey

From 18

The history of the Jews in Anatolia started more than 2000 years ago with the arrival to this land of...
Journey through Jewish Serbia and Croatia

From 18

Join us for an overview of the rich history of Jewish presence in Serbia and Croatia, two Balkan countries...
Past and Present of Jewish Romania

From 18

The Romanian Jewish Community was one of the largest before WWII, with a very interesting mix of cultures,...
A Jewish History of Ireland

From 18

The Irish-Jewish community was a small but influential part of Irish society from the moment they first...
Stories from Curaçao's Jewish History

From 18

The tiny island of Curaçao, in the Caribbean Sea, is considered the cradle of Judaism in the Americas....
Growing up Jewish in Uganda

From 18

There have been Jews in Uganda for about 100 years. The Abayudaya community was founded by a tribal chief...
The Two Millenia Story of Moroccan Jewry

From 18

Morocco is home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in the Diaspora. This two-millennia Judeo-Moroccan...

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