December 25th in South America: A “Not-So-White” Christmas

In the United States, especially for those of us who live in the east coast, we tend to associate Christmas with snow, bountiful meals and a cup of hot cocoa. In the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite from those in North America. When it’s summer here, it’s winter down there. Christmas in South […]

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America has Thanksgiving, but How Do Other Countries Celebrate the Harvest?

The Thanksgiving countdown continues: 1 day until it’s turkey time! Here at Gil Travel, we are excited to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is all about enjoying the company of family and loved ones, while honoring the season of the harvest. Although Thanksgiving is mostly celebrated in America, other countries have harvest festivals as well. But […]

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Going for Gold! How Does Cuba Rank in the Olympics?

  According to the last census, there are only 11.3 million inhabitants in Cuba, which means that the island has the 78th highest population in the world! It’s crazy to think that an island that was once so secluded from United States had so many residents that we could not come into contact with until […]

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Low-Stress Travel Tips to Keep in Mind for this Thanksgiving

  November is upon us, which means an exciting holiday season has rolled around again! Arguably the most important part of Thanksgiving, aside from shoveling the mashed potato piles onto our plates and drowning our turkey in hearty gravy, is spending the holiday with our families. But in order to do savor this precious time, […]

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Cuba’s Classic Car Craze – How YOU Can Get in on the Action

Cuba’s vintage car phenomenon is unique.  Travelers are flocking to Cuba to see this beautiful island and the time capsule it has become.  You can even go on an organized tour to Cuba for vintage car fanatics to trace this special island through the lens of the ultimate collections of American cars from the 1950’s […]

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