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Gil travel is the leading creator for small senior tours to Israel and around the world. What does a senior tour mean? These tours are no different than any other tour we offer. They ensure that you enjoy every memorable moment, each culinary bite, carefully curated museum tours and guided explanations, lectures and performances by going at a more relaxed pace. We’ve crafted senior tours that are an active, fun and well-paced way to travel with others looking for the same experience.

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Regardless of age, traveling is a wonderful experience. While seniors should not hesitate in embarking on an exciting travel adventure, there are certain things that seniors do have to be mindful of when they are traveling…

At some point, the things that teach us and develop us naturally start to dwindle. And then comes the arduous task of actually making an effort to developing yourself further. Since taking the initiative to develop yourself in new ways doesn’t come naturally to all of us, here’s a list of things you can do to get you going…
For those who are looking to continue their journeys throughout the world, Gil Travel has the perfect tour to offer you: our upcoming trip on a Jewish Heritage tour of Portugal!..

Do you ever feel the need to break out of your routine a bit and breathe some excitement into your life?  My guess is you haven’t done that in a while. So here’s a list of 15 totally doable yet totally fun bucket list ideas that will make you feel alive again…