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Explore Mexico on a Jewish heritage tour and see some of this country’s wonders.

From the mountains of the Sierra to the ruins and beaches of the Yucatan, the layers of history and culture in the country are unmatched.

But make no mistake, it could take years to get to know all of Mexico, so prepare to fall in love with this place and come back for more.

With a food culture as diverse as its 32 states and sites like the Frida Kahlo museum and Aztec pyramids, Mexico is one of the best locations for travel.

It is home to mountains, beaches, deserts, and the megacity of Mexico City, the economic and governmental center of the country, the perfect place for food tours, cultural activities like folkloric dance and art, and a long history from its days as the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

Jewish heritage in Mexico is also layered and fascinating–Jews first came during the Inquisition, but the Inquisition followed Jews escaping all the way to Mexico. Later, new immigrant communities arrived, like the Syrian community and Ashkenazi communities that now have an influence on the mainstream Jewish community.

On a Jewish Mexico tour, discover Mexico’s Jewish community of around 40,000 people, consisting of a large Syrian community and smaller Sephardic and Ashkenazi communities.

Jewish life in Mexico is vibrant and many community members are active in Mexican civic life. While much of the community used to live in the center, most of the community has now moved further out.

Jewish heritage Mexico tours focus on the bustling center of Mexico as well as the many locations around the country with hints of converso life, including an ancient Mikveh in the state of Guerrero.

Mexico is unique in its travel-friendliness, diversity, and culture. It’s an exciting and vibrant place for a Jewish heritage tour.

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