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Experience a feast for the eyes and explore the unique history on Jewish heritage tours of Morocco.

The country of Morocco is a feast for the eyes with its green valleys, red mountain background, seaside towns, and colorful rugs. 

Jewish heritage trips to Morocco are the kind of trips that will leave you breathless.

In one day on a Morocco Jewish tour, you can experience ancient ruins, snow-capped mountains, and the sand dunes of the Sahara. Learn about the ancient Kabbalists and mystics that made Morocco their home, and discover the streets and synagogues where they spent their lives in.

Of course, Jewish travel to Morocco is not complete without visiting the country’s imperial cities. Morocco has a long history of Jewish presence and Arab-Jewish relations, and most cities in the country are home to a Jewish Mellah (Jewish Quarter).

Today only 3,000 Jews remain, but at one point 250,000 Jews resided in this unique country. Their legacy has been maintained and strengthened, making Morocco one of the best locations for a fascinating Jewish heritage tour. 

Casablanca, home to the largest Jewish community in Morocco, is also the location of the only Jewish museum in the Arab world. Visit the House of Rambam, the Mellach of Fez and its historic synagogues. Or see the oldest university in the world and take part in a Berber Tea Ceremony in the Atlas mountains.

King Mohammed VI has been trying to preserve Jewish heritage in Morocco, and on Jewish heritage tours of Morocco, travelers have the opportunity to explore the vibrant Jewish history of this fascinating place.

There’s so much to do in Morocco, and the opportunities for Jewish heritage tours of Morocco are limitless–from spectacular nature to breathtaking cities, this exciting place beckons you. 

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