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Land of glistening skyscrapers in Manama City, beautiful beaches on the Amwaj Islands, and unique pottery and textiles in the village of Al Jasra, Bahrain is a country only recently opened up to Jewish travel.

Since the Abraham Accords, Gulf countries including Bahrain that were previously not on Jewish travelers’ radars have become the newest Jewish tours destination.

Bahrain is home to an ancient Jewish community living in the most modern of cities. On a Jewish heritage tour to Bahrain, you can learn about thousands of years of Jewish and Arab history, explore islands, and even go kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Jewish travel in Bahrain is growing and more Jewish heritage tours are offered.

Bahrain is the only country in the Persian Gulf with a synagogue, and in 630 C.E. Benjamin of Tudela noted the Jewish community in Bahrain and their involvement in the pearl industry.

Explore the ancient and modern world of this fascinating community, while learning about an entirely new part of the world and the Jewish history and Jewish heritage sites in Bahrain.

Much of the community today arrived from India, Iran, and Iran in the late 1800s. They worked in textiles, commerce, and crafts, but the majority left after the state of Israel was born.

Now, there are thirty-six Jewish citizens in Bahrain, and they enjoy equal rights with their neighbors and feel welcome in their home country.

There’s Kosher food available in Bahrain, and it’s easy to keep Kosher in the country on an organized trip.

Wander through traditional markets, try the unmatched cuisine, and marvel at the Al Fatih Mosque. You could spend a lifetime exploring this surprisingly small country on a Jewish heritage tour of Bahrain.

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Bahrain on a Jewish heritage tour. The skyline of Bahrain in front of the water.
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