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Take an adventure in the South Caucasus, at the border between Europe and Asia, on Jewish tours to Georgia.

Citizens call the country Sakartvelo, and whatever it’s called, it is one of the most spectacular places to travel especially on a Jewish heritage tour in Georgia.

Travel to Georgia for breathtaking mountain views, dramatic hiking landscapes, wineries, delicious food, and fascinating culture.

The Caucasus mountains, lowlands, and other natural wonders make this a unique location for Jewish travel.

The delicious wines and food make it worth a visit just for a meal. From Khachapuri to vineyards, Jewish heritage tours to Georgia are a dream come true.

Georgian wine, made in a clay pot called Qvevri, is famous, and in the fall you can visit a wine harvest or in the spring attend the Qvevri opening ritual to taste the first taste of the previous harvest.

The highlands of Georgia have yearly folk festivals with beer, horse races, and traditional music and dancing. While you’re drinking wine and celebrating at folk festivals, you can observe the post-soviet architecture and discover Georgia’s complex history.

The Jews of Georgia arrived during Babylonian captivity in the 6th century BCE, making them one of the oldest surviving Jewish communities in the world. For most of Jewish history in the area, there was an absence of antisemitism.

Today, however, most Georgian Jews have moved to Israel.

On Jewish tours to Georgia, meet the remaining community members, visit the ancient synagogues, and bask in the beauty of this breathtaking country.

Georgia Experience

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