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Pray in one of the oldest synagogues in Europe and explore the ancient mystical past on Jewish heritage tours of Prague.

There are so many different ways Jewish travel in Prague can go–from the history of a place that was once the seat of the Austro-Hungarian empire, to the folklore of the birthplace of the famous golem mythology that has extended far beyond Jewish mythology.

Prague, a city with a magical Jewish history, is not only a great place for Prague’s private Jewish heritage tours but also the destination for walking among colorful baroque-style buildings and Medieval structures.

Jewish travel to Prague is filled with mystery and magic.

Jewish quarter Prague tours are like no other Jewish travel experience. Its beautiful synagogues are all part of one huge Jewish museum, and travelers can go from building to building learning about everything from Jewish history in Europe all the way to the sacred rites of the Chevra Kadisha in Europe.

The famous cemetery in Prague is unlike any other cemetery in the world, and the sites around the city are filled with mystery, including the history of the famous Maharal of Prague, the creator of the Golem.

On a Prague Jewish quarter walking tour you can get to know the Jewish folklore and stories that inhabit the mythology of the city.

See where Franz Kafka lived, tour the Prague Castle Complex, or head to the Strahov Monastery and Brewery to see 320,000 ancient books and artifacts and sample their brew on tap.

Visit the Jewish Quarter and all its mysteries that Prague has to share with Gil Travel.

This beautiful city shocks with its architecture, beautiful Viennese-style cafes, and sometimes spooky, always interesting history.

Prague Experience

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