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Travel on a Jewish heritage tour of Colombia, known for coffee, beautiful places, and vibrant cities.

It’s the only South American country that has coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea and is the second most biodiverse country in the world.

It’s famous for its rainforests, Andes mountains, and high-altitude capital, Bogota.

Visit the mountainous region of Antioquia and the pueblos of Jardin and Guatape. See how coffee is farmed and learn about the process of getting it to your table. Dance all night and hike in lush jungles.

Colombia is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites, including the Qhapaq Nan, an Andean Road system that was used for Inca communication, trade, and defense.

Jews originally came to Colombia from Jamaica and Curacao in the 16th century, but eventually, Jews from Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Syria, and Egypt joined. More recently, Ashkenazi immigrants arrived during World War II. Today, the community is around 2,500 people.

Most of the Jewish community lives in Bogota, but there are other Jewish pockets in Barranquilla, Cali, and Medellin.

There are nine synagogues in the country, but Bogota is one of the best places to take a Jewish tour of Colombia and its schools, synagogues, and community centers.

Bogota, which is a great place for Jewish heritage tours in Colombia, sits at 8,530 feet above sea level, is the capital and the center of Jewish life, and is also one of the most diverse parts of the country.

It’s a great place to visit museums, such as the National Museum of Colombia, or MAMBO, the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota.

There’s so much to explore in Colombia, and it’s a great place to learn about a unique Jewish community.

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