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Explore the complex past of this beautiful and sunny country on a Jewish heritage tour of Greece.

Take in the warm Mediterranean sunshine and thousands of years of history on Jewish Greece tours, where you can see ancient citadels, mountains, and cities in a part of the world that has impacted greatly the way we live today, from democracy to philosophy to art and science.

Walk through ruins of ancient communities on Jewish Greece tours and explore the long history of the community’s presence in Greece.

Learn the complicated history of Jews in the area on Jewish heritage tours of Greece–the Hellenistic period and the Maccabees, the Ottoman Empire, and the Holocaust’s impact on the community.

Before the Holocaust, Greece was home to some 75-80,000 Jewish people. By the end of the war, more than 85 percent of the country’s Jews had been killed, but their legacy remains.

Today there are around 5,000 Jews remaining in the country.

There are so many places to explore on Jewish tours of Greece, all while enjoying the beautiful views of the water and the cities.

Not only a site for Jewish travel, seeing Greece is an opportunity to explore cultural treasures and cool neighborhoods and see for yourself why the epicenter of antiquity and philosophy is found in the region.

Greece is a country bursting with flavor, sunshine, and history, a fascinating mixture combining the richest Jewish heritage tours in Europe with the indisputable natural beauty of the Mediterranean.

Explore this special place on Jewish tours in Greece.

Greece Experience

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