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Chile, a country stretching from the middle of South America to the bottom, has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, from glacial fields to the driest desert on earth.

It’s also a developed and safe country to travel to in Latin America. It has one of the steadiest economic growth rates in Latin America and one of the lowest levels of corruption.

Marvel at the blue lakes region and the amazing mountains in Torres del Paine National Park, see the Petrohue Waterfalls, walk around the unearthly moonlike landscape of Valle de la Luna.

Try fabulous vines in the lush Central valley and marvel at rickety houses on stilts and the rich mythology in the Chiloe archipelago. Active travelers can go rafting, kayaking, or hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

From Chile, travelers can also access the remote Easter Island, or the Isla Robinson Crusoe to see volcano peaks and wildlife.

But Chile isn’t all wilderness – Santiago, the capital, is an excellent place for a Jewish tour of Chile, and Valparaiso, where you can find colorful houses and cobblestoned streets, is a cool bohemian city.

On a Jewish heritage tour of Chile, discover Chilean Jewish history, which goes back to the Inquisition, when several of the first explorers to Chile came with Conversos from Spain.

The community today was established in the late 1800s since before 1818 entry to Chile was prohibited for foreigners and Jews. Most of the community lives in Santiago, but there are smaller communities in Concepcion, Temuco, Valdivia, and Valparaiso.

Take a Jewish walking tour of Downtown Santiago and the Nunoa Neighborhood, or meet the current members of the community, with a population of around 15,000 people.

Chile, a land of spectacular views and amazing landscapes, is the perfect place for a unique Jewish travel trip in South America.

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