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Take a Jewish heritage tour to Panama.

The country, covered in untamed nature and wildlife, is bordered by Colombia and Costa Rica, controls the Panama Canal, and is one of the most important shipping routes in the world.

Discover the neighborhood of Casco Viejo, where you can stroll through plazas surrounded by mansions and terraced cafes, art galleries, and great restaurants.

See ships move through the Panama Canal, the famous channel connecting the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Start your day with Panamanian coffee from Chiriqui and then go whitewater rafting in the highlands. Take a hike in the Chirique Highlands, then relax at the hot springs of Caldera.

On a Jewish Panama tour, learn about the first Jews in Panama, Conversos coming from the Inquisition. Later, Sephardic Jews from Jamaica and Ashkenazi Jews from Central Europe immigrated to the area. The first synagogue was established in 1876.

Today, there are three Jewish communities in Panama, and most of the community is traditional.

There are five different synagogues to see on a Jewish tour of Panama, and most Jewish travel to Panama focuses on where the community lives in the neighborhoods of Paitilla and Pacifica.

Panama City is home to many kosher restaurants of all types of cuisines to eat on a Jewish heritage tour to Panama, as well as “Super Kosher”, a 1,500 square meter supermarket, the largest kosher supermarket outside of Israel.

Visit the Frank Gehre-designed biodiversity museum, or walk among the ruins of Old Panama. Walk the sandy waters of Starfish Beach or explore the natural wonder of Darien National Park

Panama is a lovely place for a beach vacation or a great trip for the outdoors and nature.

Discover this surprising country and all of the Jewish heritage Panama has.

Panama City Experience

Suitable for: Family, Group, Senior


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