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Immerse yourself in Austria’s historic opulence, imperial castles, exquisite grand Baroque architecture, and some of Europe’s coziest cafes on Jewish heritage tours of Vienna.

Take a Jewish walking tour of Vienna to explore a city that has given birth to, housed, schooled, or witnessed performances by more artists, musicians, thinkers, and writers per capita than any other European city.

Vienna’s Jewish heritage goes back to the middle ages, but the Jewish population boomed in the late 18th century when the city became the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Vienna was a center of Jewish intellectual life, home to well-known Jewish figures like Theodor Herzl and Sigmund Freud. However, along with success came antisemitism, and while in 1938 there were approximately 190,000 Jews living in Austria, one-third were no longer alive in May 1945.

After the Holocaust, the Jewish community in Austria began to rebuild itself.

In the 1950s a wave of immigration from the Soviet Union brought Russian Jews to Austria and since the fall of the Iron Curtain, there has been a renewed influx of Jewish people from the Soviet Union.

The current Austrian Jewish population is around 12,000-15,000, most living in Vienna. On a Vienna Jewish quarter walking tour, meet the community and explore the neighborhood of Leopoldstadt, where the community has lived throughout its turbulent history.

Let us show you how to explore this eternal city on a Jewish heritage Vienna tour – the art to see, music to hear, Jewish Vienna walking tours to take, cakes to nibble, and history to learn.

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