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Explore the complicated story, past and present, of this spectacular city on a Jewish heritage tour to Budapest, Hungary.

The capital city of Hungary used to be home to approximately 200,000 Jews.

Many were deported to Auschwitz and killed upon arrival. But the story doesn’t stop there. The Communist rule meant the closure of Jewish institutions and a significant amount of Jews were expelled from Budapest.

The fall of communism in 1989 brought a Jewish renewal to the city, where now between 75,000-100,000 Jews live.

On a Jewish heritage walking tour of Budapest, you can witness this renewal for yourself–learning about what it means to be Jewish in Europe today, and how the community deals with the continued presence of antisemitism.

Take a Budapest Jewish Quarter walking tour across the river to where the Jewish community used to live.

The district is now a popular nightlife spot, but continues to be the place to discover synagogues decorated in some of the most beautiful art-nouveau designs in the world and learn stories about life in Budapest during Communism and World War II.

Take a dip in one of the many famous thermal baths that dot the city. Tour St. Stephens Basilica or shop at the Central Market Hall. Head up to Buda Castle and look out at the view of the city from above.

Visit the famous Shoe Memorial on the Danube and pay your respect to the lost Jews of Budapest on a Jewish heritage tour of Budapest. Get to know modern Budapest as well–the nightlife and restaurant scene, the galleries, museums, and shops of this special place.

This former seat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is waiting to be explored, Jewish history and all.

Budapest, Hungary
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