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Featured: The Jews of Cuba - 7 Day Tour
Featured: Small Group Jewish Heritage Tour of Poland- 12 day Tour
Featured: Small Group Argentina Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls – 10 Day Tour
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Gil Travel’s CEO Iris Hami has been featured on leading travel magazines and Jewish news pubs.
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Israel Solidarity
Solidarity missions: Connecting to our people & Jewish heritage
In times of conflict, when headlines and images of turmoil capture our attention, the action we take in response becomes a true testament to our values and solidarity. For Jews around the world, Israel...
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Shabbat Table
Shabbat-Friendly Luxury Travel Destinations
Shabbat or Shabbos is a special time of the week that has its own magic. Exactly how you observe Shabbat will depend on how religious you are and how you interpret Shabbat rules and traditions. Even many...
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Jewish Heritage Tours Argentina
A Jewish Heritage Tour in Argentina for a More Meaningful Vacation
A Jewish Heritage Tour in Argentina for a More Meaningful Vacation A Jewish Heritage Tour in Argentina is an amazing cultural experience and a unique travel adventure that builds bonds between Jewish communities...
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Israel Mural of october 7
Anger & Hope: Emotions of a Solidarity Mission to Israel
The Author, Elliot Karp, recently returned from a Solidarity Mission with his synagogue, organized by Gil Travel.
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Exclusive Tours: 5 Hidden Gems to Visit in Israel
For a country that’s so small, Israel is filled with hidden gems. The history of Israel is multilayered, mysterious, and sometimes hidden underground or underwater.
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Discover the timeless treasures of Europe's most iconic cities
A trip to Europe can be a wonderful adventure. It’s an opportunity to explore history, architecture, cuisine and over a thousand years of rich cultural heritage. For Jews, a trip to European destinations...
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Why Dubai is the New Jewish Travel Destination
Dubai might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of Jewish travel, but it’s about to be at the top of the list for your next holiday. After the normalization agreement in 2020, Jewish...
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Famous Historical Sites That are a Must to Visit in Israel
Israel is a country where the past meets present. It’s a treasure trove for archaeologists, historians, and anyone else with a passion for the days of old.
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