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Bahrain Dubai Extension Experience

Suitable for Family, Group, Senior


Experience the captivating blend of ancient history and modern wonders on a remarkable trip to Bahrain.

Your adventure begins with a visit to the Jewish neighborhood and cemetery, providing a glimpse into the Jewish history in Bahrain.

Visit a camel farm, where you can interact with these majestic creatures and learn about their significance in Arabian culture. Experience the thrill of a camel ride and immerse yourself in the traditions and customs associated with these remarkable animals.

As evening falls, you’ll spend a delightful night in town, experiencing the vibrant atmosphere and modern amenities of Bahrain’s urban centers. Discover the diverse culinary scene, enjoy live entertainment, and soak in the dynamic energy of the city.

The following day, venture into the enchanting Manama Souq, a bustling marketplace where merchants sell an array of goods, from spices and textiles to jewelry and traditional crafts.

To deepen your understanding of Bahrain’s history, a visit to the Bahrain National Museum is a must. Explore its captivating exhibits, which showcase the country’s archaeological treasures, ancient artifacts, and traditional craftsmanship. Gain insights into Bahrain’s ancient civilizations, maritime heritage, and cultural traditions.

This trip to Bahrain will leave you with a profound appreciation for the country’s rich heritage and vibrant present. Prepare to be enchanted by the unique allure of Bahrain and its harmonious fusion of tradition and progress.


  • Tour with stops at the Tree of Life, the first oil well, a camel farm, and Bahrain Fort
  • Take a sightseeing tour of Al Fateh Gran Mosque, the Bahrain National Museum, Muharraq souq, and the Muharraq Heritage houses
  • Pay a visit the Jewish neighborhood and cemetery
  • Have Shabbat dinner at the local synagogue

*Some experiences are subject to minimum group size

Day by Day Suggested Program

Day 1
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Upon arrival to Bahrain International Airport you will be transferred to your hotel and check-in

Day 2
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After breakfast at the hotel, pay a visit to the Jewish neighborhood and cemetery.

Afterward, your guide will take you on a tour with stops at the Tree of Life, the first oil well, a camel farm, and Bahrain Fort before you return to your hotel for candle lighting and
Shabbat dinner.


Day 3
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Relax during Shabbat at the hotel and then have dinner at the local synagogue in the evening. Walk to Manama Souq and enjoy the night in town. Visit the terraces at The Merchant House and possibly The Rotana Terrace.

Day 4
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After you enjoy breakfast at your hotel, your guide will take you on a sightseeing tour of Al Fateh Gran Mosque, the Bahrain National Museum, Muharraq souq, the Muharraq Heritage houses, and pearling path before lunch at the Raazji House of Coffee.

Make your way back to the hotel before dinner.

Day 5
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Enjoy breakfast at your hotel before checkout and transfer to Bahrain International Airport.


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