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The Benefits Of Celebrating Bar Or Bat Mitzvah In Israel

Have you thought about taking your family on an amazing Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel? The combined joy of the whole family in celebrating a young man or woman coming of age in the Jewish homeland is far greater. It is true that the splendor and vibrancy of Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in North America are a wonderful testament to the prosperity of the Jewish community. But visiting the Jewish state is something powerful, especially for a Bar Mitzvah.

Often, these Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips are one of the first trips to Israel that some people in the family take. Getting to experience the Jewish homeland during such an important moment in a young Jew’s life is something that stays with them forever.

If you’ve ever considered having a bar mitzvah whether conservative or reform bar mitzvah or anything in between, at the Kotel or somewhere similar, read on as we elaborate on some of the best options for an Israeli Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah.

Where Can You Do A Bar Mitzvah In Israel?

Bar And Bat Mitzvah Family Tours in Israel

There are many places to have a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Israel. Many people have theirs at the Kotel – The Western Wall. Others will have the ceremony at Masada, waking up early in the morning to get up to the ancient synagogue and read the Torah while the sun rises.

There are also plenty of synagogues around Israel to have a bar mitzvah, and other beautiful locations around the country to celebrate this important rite of passage. Wherever you decide to have it, your Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel will be fulfilling and meaningful.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Bar Mitzvah?

How much a family spends on a bar mitzvah is up to them. The average cost of a Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel for a family of 10 people will be around 40,000$ for a 10-day trip. However, there are many ways they could spend less, like picking a kibbutz to sleep in and enjoy different scenery, or having the Bar Mitzvah in a public synagogue ultimately it really depends on the family’s plans and desires for what they’re looking.

If you are still not sure about it read this post – Here are some of the best ideas for Bar and Bat mitzvah in Israel

We have been sending families on Bar Mitzvah tours for years, and we treat every Bar and Bat Mitzvah with the same special care. We know that this is one of the most meaningful rites of passage in the life of a Jewish person, and we are committed to making it as special as possible so that your family has both a deep connection to Judaism and to Israel.

Where To Start Planning A Bar Mitzvah And Bat Mitzvah In Israel?

Bar And Bat Mitzvah in special locations Israel

If you’re planning a bar mitzvah in Israel, Our Israel bar mitzvah tours begin with connecting the Bar or Bat Mitzvah candidate with a rabbi to establish a personal connection that deepens the ceremony before the family trip to Israel. This way, everyone involved in the trip knows the new adult personally and can be part of the shepherding of them into adulthood. Having a Rabbi that you know at your ceremony makes everything more comfortable and more memorable.

Next, our expert agents will aid parents or guardians in choosing the perfect location. Many people choose to have their bar mitzvah at the Kotel, but there are many options. It all depends on what the Bar or Bat Mitzvah wants, but luckily we have plenty of travel experts that know Israel in and out and can recommend some of the most popular places to have a Bar Mitzvah in Israel, as well as some locations that are off the beaten path.

Locations For Bar And Bat Mitzvah In Israel

Bar And Bat Mitzvah In Mesada Israel

The locations range from the dignity and resonance of the Western Wall to more festive settings like the Israel Tennis Center and the Tzfat Bat Mitzvah Center. This means that most budgets and guest lists can be accommodated. Whether you want only your immediate family at the ceremony, or you’re looking to invite 500 of your closest family and friends, our experts know where to recommend to make the Bar Mitzvah one to remember.

Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning service for celebrations in Israel incorporates every detail of this most important of personal commitments. We have already helped thousands of young Jews assume the responsibilities of adult life joyously, amidst family and friends and close to the holiest sites in the Jewish tradition. Check out what other families have said about our Bat/Bat Mitzvah programs.

Read here about friendly synagogues in Tel Aviv that you might want to visit or have the ceremony in.

Not only do we take care of the tour to Israel for the family, but we also take over the details of the reception for planning a bar mitzvah in Israel, from planning the menus to hiring a photographer to plan private family tours in Israel, which leaves the young man or woman and his or her family the freedom to appreciate the historical landscape that surrounds them on their family trip to Israel, and to reflect on the full meaning of assuming adulthood in the Jewish community.

Often, planning the reception of a bar or bat mitzvah supersedes the meaningful nature of the event, and having someone else do it for you is a great way to relax and enjoy this important moment in your family’s life. So spend your time marveling at Masada or the Dead Sea with your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party, rather than attending to the minutiae of modern event planning!

Read this post to get more information about the Negev Desert which has lots of great locations.

Planning an Israel bar mitzvah tour with us starts as soon as you call Gil Travel and join the thousands of happy Jewish men and women who can look back on the day they started their journey in front of rabbi and family, literally surrounded by the physical backdrop that has shaped Jewish history for centuries.

All The Options Of A Family Tour In Israel

Celebrating Bar And Bat Mitzvah In Israel5

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah tours can be easily combined with family or private tours of Israel, which can be extensively customized around the needs of the family celebrating. Take a week-long trip before and deepen your connection to the Jewish people before officially becoming a Jewish adult, or learn about modern Israel with street art tours and events. There is a trip for everyone.

Allowing our expert travel agents here at Gil Travel to tailor-make your pre- or post-ceremony travel around Israel will enhance the meaning and atmosphere of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah like nothing else, and will mean that this day comes only once. See the family at its closest after a period of immersion in the poignant monuments of Jerusalem or Masada or the simpler delights of the Dead Sea.

If you are looking for a more social experience, we also provide the option of celebrating your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah with other families of similar backgrounds together while touring Israel.

If you do not seek to celebrate your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel, but you are interested in connecting with your Jewish heritage, we organize many Jewish Heritage Tours around the world.

Maybe your child doesn’t want a bar mitzvah in Israel, but would rather read the Torah at a synagogue in Prague or Spain. Before the ceremony, explore the old Jewish quarters, learn about famous Spanish Jews, or travel around the country and learn about the various Jewish communities that once lived there.

These are also great ways to get to know what it means to be a part of the Jewish people. Contact Gil Travel today to connect with your Jewish roots! Or Find out more about our Israel Bar and Bat mitzvah tours here.

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