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Top 5 Most Breathtaking Places in Israel

Top 5 Most Breathtaking Places in Israel-1

Whether you’re looking for a land adventure or a sea adventure, the modern cities or traditional villages, or you want to explore the deserts and the mountains – Israel’s got it all. Wherever your interests lie, you are bound to find a myriad of spectacular sites to visit – sites which can only be visited in Israel, and which offer to their guests a variety of experiences. These are the places of great and inspiring beauty, but also of immense historical and contemporary value. Some of the massively popular places you must see in this country include Jerusalem, Baha’i Gardens, Akko, Haifa, Nazareth, Tel Aviv’s White City, Jaffa’s old city and port, and much more. However, for this occasion, we’ve chosen to show you five special and truly breathtaking places you might want to include in your itinerary next time you visit Israel.

Ramon Crater

Situated in the Negev desert, you’ll find the Ramon Crater, in Hebrew called Makhtesh Ramon. This is the world’s largest erosion crater (makhtesh) – it is 500 meters deep, 40 km long and 2-10 km wide depending on the point. This area, which also encompasses a small town called Mitzpe Ramon, forms Israel’s largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve. Furthermore, the ruins of a large prehistoric stone structure have been found in the makhtesh, and this building was used as a way station for the traders and their animals on their way to Gaza. Visitors are bound to have an amazing time here, observing the spectacular views, seeing the amazing wildlife, taking photos, experiencing history, but also touring the crater by a variety of vehicles, including a Jeep, a Segway, a hot air balloon, etc.


Our next stop is a paradise. It’s the place of resorts, beaches and coral reefs – a relaxation heaven that will be a seamless fit after your desert adventure. It is perfectly situated in the southernmost tip of Israel, in the Red Sea peninsula. Whether you want your calm and peace, or you’re a fan of amazing nightlife, this warm and entertaining place will welcome you with all it has to offer. Take a diving lesson and you’ll see its gorgeous coral reefs and the wonderful underwater world of the famous Red Sea. If you’re not a diving fan, no problem. Stay on land, enjoy the warm weather, the sandy beaches, the phenomenal views and the desert scenery, tasty food, and even a bird festival. 

Golan Heights

Now we enter an area of the most magnificent and varied scenery. We’re in the north of the country, in a place called the Golan Heights. This is a mountainous region and home to some of the most beautiful nature reserves, to breathtaking landscapes, to adventure and to history. During winter, the skiers among you can go to the Mount Hermon. If you’re more of a hiker, make sure to take one of the area’s many paths, gorgeous throughout the year, but particularly during the colorful and blooming spring. If you like neither, then visit some vineyards and vineries, or one of the numerous landmarks and archeological sites, such as the ancient Katzrin Village and synagogue, or simply enjoy its stunning nature, for example in the Banias Nature Reserve.

Sea of Galilee

Next up is yet another beauty. Israelis call it the Kinneret, and it’s also known as Lake Tiberias. No matter how you call it, this lovely site is actually the country’s largest and the world’s lowest freshwater lake. It’s also an ancient place of great historical and religious value. In fact, remnants of a hunter-gatherer site, mud huts, a village, and various objects have been discovered in the area, indicating that there were humans living here thousands of years ago. You can visit one of the historical or religious sites in the region and listen to the tales they have to tell you, you can eat the phenomenal food, or you can simply enjoy numerous water activities, including raft building. There’s something for everybody.

Masada and the Dead Sea

We have two brilliant sites saved for the end. First up is the awe-inspiring desert fortress, perched on a mountaintop. Masada is a site of tremendous archeological significance, but also of spectacular scenery. You can climb up to it or take a cable car. Take your time here and explore the excavated marvels and structures, mostly built by King Herod, such as the remains of the walls, water cistern, and Herod’s Palace.  Follow that up with a ride back down – which comes with amazing scenery – but this time with the Dead Sea as your destination. Once you’re down, you’ll find yourself at the lowest point on Earth – to be precise, almost 400 meters (1300 feet) below sea level. The Dead Sea is the world’s deepest hypersaline lake, and it’s not only fun and relaxing to float in, but also healthy for you. That’s not all, as you can take a short trip to the nearby Qumran to see the Caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

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