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Senior Travel in Israel That Will Make You Feel Young

That summer in the holy land when you worked on a Kibbutz may seem far away, but Israel is a great travel destination at any age. There’s something about the country that makes people feel young, and trips to Israel for seniors are a great way to meet Jewish seniors, to relive the magic of your first time there or to discover the country for the first time. Not only can you revisit areas you’ve seen before, Israel is a vibrant country with new and exciting places to visit, and it just keeps getting better. From wheelchair accessible routes around the city to natural baths, there are options for every senior at any level of activity on tours to Israel

Rosh Tzipor and Bar Yehuda Bridge Loop

Get to know Israel from the ground. There are plenty of lovely routes all over the country, and many are wheelchair accessible. A great way for active senior groups to get to know the region, the Rosh Tzipor and Bar Yehuda Bridge Loop is one of those routes. This wheelchair accessible loop starts at the Rosh Tzipor Bridge, goes through the Yarkon Park, and loops around the Bar Yehuda Bridge and Yarkon River. Explore the grassy and wooded areas nearby or go birdwatching in Rosh Tzipor for a less physically demanding activity. Routes like this are common around Israel, and are one of our favorite picks for senior Jewish travel in Israel 2023.

Hatachana to Hacarmel Market

Another great route around Israel, this one starts in Neve Tzedek at HaTachana Complex. Also a wheelchair accessible route, the path takes you to Kerem HeTeimanim and Carmel Market. Start the day off in Keren HaTeimanim, enjoying its boundless cafes and bohemian atmosphere, then head to Carmel Market for your second stop. This is a stop that can’t be missed. Carmel is the largest market in Tel Aviv and the perfect place to browse clothing, spice, fruit, and electronics. 

The Berko Archaeological Park

sweetSweet treats at Tel-Aviv’s Hacarmel

If you’re in Tiberias, this park houses the ancient remnants of the city from the time of Herod Antipas in the first century CE until the Fatimid Dynasty in the eleventh century CE. The best views of the park can be seen from balconies above. You can walk in the city itself or along the edge of the ruins. There’s also a green area with gardens and paths and archaeological finds. See an ancient Roman gate, a 1,000 year old drainage system, and a theater that used to hold seven-thousand people at a time. Learn more about the archaeological finds and Tiberias in the first century at The Berko Archaeological Museum. The park also hosts music and theater events for the public. 

Tel aviv urban art tour

bauhaus architectureBauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv

Group tours are a great way to meet other seniors. Street art took off in Israel in the 2000’s and the quantity of art around the city has only increased in the years since. There’s so much in Tel Aviv, but sometimes it’s hard to decipher. This hip, modern city is a great location for seniors singles tours in Israel and taking a walking tour through Tel Aviv to explore its street art is a popular and casual way to connect. Learn about how the different pieces express political movements, subcultures, and history. Let your tour guide tell you a story about what the art means and how it relates to the history of the city and the populations within. 

Tel Aviv Architecture Tour

Another great way to meet other seniors, Tel Aviv architecture tours show off a unique side of the city that’s often not included on other tours. Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 4,500 buildings comprising the greatest collection of Bauhaus style buildings in the world. Bauhaus is an architectural style that came out of Germany in the 30s and that was brought over by the first Jewish settlers arriving to the city. Venture out from Bauhaus into the city’s other eclectic and modern buildings. Learn the story of Tel Aviv through buildings. An architectural tour isn’t just about buildings. It’s about telling the story of Tel Aviv and how it’s changed over the years. From Dizengoff Square to Bialik Square and all the way to Rothschild Boulevard, this is one of the most informative ways to learn the story of The White City and a great way to meet other seniors. 

The First Train Station in Jerusalem

Explore food, culture, and entertainment in the First Train Station in Jerusalem, a renovated complex popular with local Jerusalemites. There’s always something interesting in this cultural hub, from artist markets to concerts to culinary events. Check the schedule before you arrive in Israel to see what’s happening, or book one of the most recommended senior tours in Israel and tell them you’re interested in attending. 

Geash Natural Baths

This spa in Israel has 15 rooms, an experienced team of therapists, and a relaxing atmosphere. Jewish seniors can enjoy four pools of natural spring water rich in minerals and salts that come directly from the ground. Soak up the jet streams from the sides and floors and let the water massage shower complex relax your whole body and rejuvenate your skin. There’s also a sauna complex with two dry saunas and one wet sauna. 

Ramat Hanadiv Gardens

Ramat hanadiv gardenPark Ramat Hanadiv, Memorial Gardens of Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Zichron Yaakov, Israel

Botanical gardens are a great way to explore the natural world of Israel in an accessible, flat, and organized location. The Ramat Hanadiv Gardens are a memorial to Baron Edmond de Rothschild. They’re located at the southern end of Mount Carmel between Zichron Ya’akov and Binyamina. This wheelchair-accessible garden is a great way to explore European and Mediterranean-style plantings and pine and cypress groves that surround the crypt of the baron and his wife. There are also plenty of looped hiking trails, remnants of ancient human settlement, observation points, and an acclimatization cage where birds of prey are prepared for release back into the wild. When you finish exploring the gardens, sit with your group at Snenicafe, a kosher dairy cafe-restaurant serving goat’s milk beverages and seasonal specialties with olive oil and aromatic herbs.

Utopia Orchid Park

Explore two plant mazes, a butterfly house, and beautiful shady lawns on 10 acres in the Emek Hefer region. And of course, admire the 20,000 orchids on the property inside the indoor garden. 

With thousands of tropical plants, many birds, fish, pools, and waterfalls, and a butterfly garden, this is the perfect place to enjoy the nature of Israel. Make sure to look for goats, spotted deer, sheep, peacocks, and rabbits on your walk. 

Pardes Hanna-Karker

Explore this artists colony from 1929 if you’re in Haifa. Buy everything from jewelry and handmade bathing suits to wind chimes, art, and homemade soaps. Here, it’s not about sites or beautiful nature. It’s all about the people. Hundreds of artists work here, and there’s an annual Moshava Artists weekend where visitors can talk to artists and watch them work. Even more interesting, during the event many Pardes Hanna residents open up their homes, so visitors can see the artist’s workshops. 

The Jerusalem Scribe

Jewish Parchment PaperJewish Parchment Paper

Bring back a piece of scribal art from this Jerusalem local. Purchase parchment-based originals or prints, or learn the art of Hebrew calligraphy from scribe Kalman Gavriel. Kalman hosts English-language workshops in the Jewish quarter of the Old City, a great opportunity to meet other people. Book a time to attend one of Kalman’s workshops on one of the Israel tours for seniors

Kfar Kama

Kfar Kama is one of two Circassian villages in Israel. Circassians are a people from the mountains of the northwestern Caucasus. Some have settled in Israel, where they had three settlements, two that still exist, Kfar Kama and Rihanya. In Kfar Kama, you can visit the Circassian Heritage Center and learn about the Circassian people. The museum is inside a 130 year old building housing ancient artifacts of Circassian culture, work tools from the first settlements, and costumes of Circassian warriors. There are guided tours of the museum and village tours in horse driven carriages, as well as opportunities to watch Circassian folkloric dances.

Domaine Du Castel Winery


grape vine

Founded in 1988, this was the first modern-day vineyard in the Judean Hills. Come here for a guided tour and wine tasting, including a walk around the winery and cellar and a tasting experience of six different wines, accompanied by cheese, spreads, and bread. You can also reserve a picnic case to enjoy with other seniors around the area. The picnic case includes a wooden case, two cheeses, bread, wine glasses, and tableware. 

The best way to start enjoying Israel is with a senior’s tour. What are you waiting for? It may not be the same as it was the first time you came, but you might find it’s even better!

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