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Singles Trip to Israel: Israel Insiders

Perfect Singles Trip to Israel

Have you dreamed of touring Israel but put it off because you didn’t want to travel alone? Here you will find an exciting Israel tour itinerary planned especially for single travelers such as yourself.


In Israel, there are growing numbers of single individuals and fewer couples than in years past. Israelis use the term “seeking” to describe individuals who are looking to start a relationship. One of the best places to meet other people is on a day tour for singles in Israel or a longer Jewish singles trip to Israel. 

Because so many singles love to travel, we have designed a program specifically for them. On our Israel Group Tours designed for singles, participants between the ages of 45 to 65 will meet like-minded people, while exploring the country’s cultural and historical sites. It’s a perfect combination of mixing culture with pleasure!

Here is an example of what the singles trip to Israel might look like

Day 1 of the singles trip to Israel

The first day of the Jewish singles tour to Israel in Jerusalem begins in the Old City, where visitors will see the Western Wall and the Western Wall Tunnels under the city’s foundations. The Jewish Quarter, Ir David, Hezekiah Tunnels and the Arab Market are all sights to enjoy in the Old City. 

The Old City is an area teeming with secrets in every quarter and a great place to get lost for a while, try interesting food, experience the religious diversity of the country, and walk in the footsteps of Jewish history with other Jewish singles. 

It’s also a great place to buy treasures from the markets and the various artisans who have set up shop between the ancient stones of the city. 

Day 2 of the tour

Exploring Jerusalem

The second day of the trip explores more recent Jewish history, modern Israel, and the rich cultural heritage housed in Israel’s world-class museums. 

It starts with a breakfast meeting with a local journalist. Afterward, participants visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Museum. The next stop is the Israel Museum, known to be one of the world’s top art and archaeology museums. The museum is full of art by masters like Rembrandt and other contemporary European, American and Israeli artists. However, its main attraction is the Shrine of the Book which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

After an enriching day at museums, start the evening with a cocktail party at a location overlooking the Old City. This event gives tour participants a chance to mingle.

Day 3 is a strong day for the tour

Get up the snake trail to Messada

Day three is a combination of the natural and the historical. Put on your sneakers and head out to one of the most famous locations in ancient Jewish history. 

Participants will depart for Masada by traveling along the shores of the Dead Sea. A cable car ride will begin a tour of the ancient fortress where the Zealots stood against the Romans in 73 AD. The view from above is spectacular, and the story is inspiring and tragic. 

At lunchtime, participants have the opportunity to relax, eat and swim at a magnificent Dead Sea resort before traveling to a winery in the Negev Desert for a tasting. 

The final stop of the day is at the Makhtesh Ramon, the largest crater in the Negev and a unique geological site!

Day 4 Active day at the Israel tour 

Maktesh Ramon Israel looks like mars

If active travel is your passion, then the fourth day of the tour is tailored for you! On this day, you are offered the opportunity to rappel in the Valley of the Crater. This is one of the most unique experiences you can have in Israel. 

You’ll almost feel transported from Israel to mars, and a little adrenaline is always good when you’re meeting other singles. 

For yoga enthusiasts, today’s the day for a yoga class at Adama. Camel rides, a Bedouin dinner, and drumming are the perfect way to end a memorable day. Unique experiences like this make it one of the best tours in Israel for singles. 

Day 5 – Tel Aviv!!!

Tel Aviv is great for singels and in general

The fifth and sixth days focus on the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. Visit the Carmel Market to experience local foods and mix with locals. 

Tel Aviv is a vibrant and exciting location, and the markets are some of the best places to really experience everything it has to offer. You’ll also explore Nachalat Binyamin, where street musicians, handmade jewelry, and artifacts are available to buy. On Tuesdays and Fridays (the tour will be there on a Friday), the street hosts a lively crafts fair! A great location to shop for some interesting souvenirs

Spend time discovering the Old Port of Jaffa, a colorful hub of artists’ quarters, studios, and art galleries. Relax at the marvelous Carlton Boutique Hotel which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The wonderful rooftop restaurant and lounge and bar are the perfect places to see Tel Aviv in all its glory.

Day 6 – Some more history in the tour

Learn more about Israeli culture and history

The sixth day takes you back in time for more Israeli history, this time with a particular focus on military history, with a visit to the Ayalon Institute, a clandestine, underground ammunition factory built in 1945 by the Haganah. 

Next, you’ll see Latrun, where many military battles were fought and a memorial museum now stands, which houses a diverse collection of tanks. Lunch will take place in the Arab village of Abu Gosh before returning to Tel Aviv.

If you’re interested in tours for senior singles to Israel, write us! We plan trips for all activity levels. 

Does this itinerary sound appealing to you? 

If so contact us via our website anytime you wish and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Hope to see you on our next tour to Israel. Gil Travel Team.

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