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The Magic of Flying

Contrary to popular beliefs on what “magic” is, whether it be a supernatural phenomenon or an astonishing power, there is no magic like the magic of flying.

Let’s not discuss the mechanics, physics, or gravity of a plane ride, but instead, how being on a plane improves our appreciation for certain luxuries. We need entertainment to keep us from being bored. We consume the subpar food that we would hardly eat on land. Why is it that these two things become better when we’re trapped on an airplane for 8 hours?

Because they help time go by. Because they distract us from that boredom. THAT is the magic of flying.

How many times have we seen the same type of movie, whether it is “boy meets girl” or “one man who manages to beat an entire army?” These movies, which we wouldn’t DARE pay to watch in a movie theater, or even watch at home, automatically earn an extra star if we watch them during a flight. If you’re at home, you would maybe rate them 2 stars out of 5. But on a plane, they immediately earn another star. How? Because without Wi-Fi, which means no Facebook to scroll through, your brain needs entertaining. This distraction contributes to the magic of flying!

On an average day, our coffee must be espresso or Colombian and if the drink isn’t top tier, we throw it away. However, when we take a red-eye flight from coast to coast, and can’t sleep sitting upright, that foam cup of coffee served we’re served becomes the most precious fuel to our bodies. Again, why do we enjoy such a watery, flavorless liquid? You guessed it—the magic of flying.

One last example: Back home we need the comforts of an 1800 thread count sheet to sleep on. But when we’re flying and the lights go off, we look at the sealed pillow and blanket pack with hearts in our eyes. We sleep like our parents just tucked us in! Magic.

Some magicians can guess a card you pick or free themselves from a jacket full of locks, but true magic is making hard fruit and cold rice taste like Grandma’s home cooking. We welcome you to discover and enjoy the magic of flying with the Gil Travel Group.

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