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What Do People Look for When They Join a Kosher Trip?

Ever wanted to travel overseas but were afraid of the lack of Kosher options on your trip? It can get tiring to pack an entire suitcase of food, or to seek out the few Kosher options at a destination. Especially if you have a family, packing a full trip of Kosher meals is more of a chore than you might want before your vacation.

Sometimes it can seem like keeping kosher limits your travel options, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the ways to make things easier for yourself is at an all-inclusive Kosher resort, or on a kosher tour. This takes the stress of planning out of keeping kosher on a trip, and eases a huge part of your stress. On a kosher trip, the planning out of your meals is done by professionals who are familiar with the area, know where to get kosher meals, or have prepared them and brought them on the trip so you don’t have to.

Kosher food at an all inclusive hotel

When you’re away on vacation, you want to enjoy your time absorbing the sites, soaking up the sun, and spending your days with the people you’re close to. This can be harder when you have to lug around kosher meals in a backpack all day, or find a Kosher food supplier that might be out of the way of your trip or hard to find.

Your dietary choices and Kosher travel meals are the last things you want to worry about when you’re delighting in your destination.

A kosher vacation should just be a vacation–no stress.

Here is a great place to travel to with kosher food and plenty of beautiful things to see, read about the Negev desert in this post.

What does a Kosher hotel mean?

Kosher hotels, especially all-inclusive Kosher resorts, have two sets of dishes so meat and milk don’t get mixed. These hotels also have a special set of plates for Passover and a Mashgiach–an overseer–that ensures all food preparation fits within Jewish dietary laws. Kosher hotels can really take the guessing game out of keeping Kosher and are a great way to avoid having to plan all of your meals on your own.

Kosher meat can be hard to find when traveling

There are Kosher hotels all over the world, whether you’re planning on relaxing by the beach or skiing in the alps. They can also be a great place to meet other Jewish travelers that you can share information and experiences with. The best part of a Kosher hotel is that no matter where you are and how many restaurants around the city are kosher, you know that you always have a backup plan if they’re not available that day. Another benefit: Kosher hotels normally have synagogues, Mikvehs, and other important Jewish services.

Check out this post about hotels in Israel

What airline has an all-kosher menu?

Airlines today offer many special meals, whether one is vegetarian, Halal, or Kosher. In general, they try to make sure that passengers’ dietary restrictions are respected. Otherwise, they would love a big portion of their clients–after all-Kosher is not the only dietary restriction!

Most airlines, especially if they’re flying internationally, will offer special Kosher menus instead of the standard airline food. This makes it really easy to travel. It is vital, however, that you sign up for your kosher meal as soon as possible so airlines know to stock it on their flight. Ordering a kosher meal for a flight is not a last-minute change. It needs to be done when the airline asks.

Eating Kosher on flights is as important as on the destination

El Al, the Israeli airline, has an all Kosher menu, although it does have specialty options for different levels of Kashrut, for example, if someone keeps Halav Yisroel or Mehadrin.

If you’re not flying El Al, and on your own, there is a probability that flight delays and cancellations might mean that your Kosher request gets lost in the chaos. Moreover, booking flights through a travel agency and requesting Kosher meals does not promise that the same won’t happen. While this is rare, it is a good reason to pack a few extra snacks or options to prepare for the worst-case scenario. When you are rebooking flights, it is necessary to tell them you need a kosher meal.

What kosher meal means?

Kosher food means that it is prepared, sold, cooked, or eaten in a way that satisfies the requirements of Jewish law, so Kosher travel meals are a must for an easy vacation. Normally a butcher with special training in Jewish law needs to butcher the animal and prepare it for consumption.

If you are looking for a way to make your child more involved with Jewdisem read this post about great locations you can take them around the world, and still get that yummy Kosher food.

What meat is Kosher?

Some of the animals that are allowed to be eaten by Jewish law are turkey, duck, chicken, cow, and ox, whereas anything from a pig is forbidden. Even when eating a cow, there are only certain parts of it that can be eaten and still be Kosher – the brisket, the chuck, the rib, and the shoulder. Blood is not kosher so normally a kosher slaughter involved processes to get rid of the blood. Additionally, any meat cannot be eaten or cooked with dairy products in the meal, even if both items are Kosher.

Kosher parts in cows


How hard is it to find Kosher food around the world?

This can get harder if there is no Jewish community in a certain country, and some countries even forbid Kosher slaughter, like Switzerland. In this case, Jewish communities (if exists) often get their meat from elsewhere. This means the meat will be more expensive at these locations, so consider it when you plan your next vacation and meat is an important ingredient in your diet.

A Kosher organized trip is the best way to go

With all these Kosher rules, there’s no question that when people join a Kosher trip, they are looking to feel relaxed about their food and not have to think about kosher travel meals or when and where they will be able to eat. After all, when we’re on vacation, the last thing anyone wants to feel is stress.

Kosher food without any stress

For anyone who keeps Kosher and wants to go on a kosher trip with kosher travel meals, there’s no doubt that it can be difficult to travel and find food that aligns with your practices, especially when the meals are foreign.

On a Kosher trip with Gil Travel, we can assure you that all of your food has been supervised by kosher authorities or will be held at a Kosher restaurant or all-inclusive kosher resort. We take the stress out of tours with Kosher food and make sure that you can focus on having a good, relaxing trip with the people you love.

Kosher Israeli breakfast

On a tour with Kosher food, the food is supervised by kosher authorities. Every morning, a Kosher supervised breakfast will be delivered to the hotel. Some lunches will be delivered as well. Additionally, many dinners will be held at a Kosher restaurant. When there is any leisure time, we make sure to give directions and information on Kosher restaurants and delicacies in the area.

Join a tour with kosher food and let us take care of your needs for your kosher holiday.

Heading to Israel for a Kosher trip? Here’s a list of some tourist friendly synagogues in Tel Aviv.

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