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Summer Family Bonding Experience with Bar/Bat Mitzvah Option

Suitable for Family


Walk the ancient port city of Jaffa and peruse antiques at the Jaffa Flea Market. Take a graffiti tour of Tel Aviv or go on a food tour of the city, delighting in dishes from Yemen, Ethiopia, Morocco and more. Take a Stand Up Paddleboard classs or take a tornado boat into the grottos of Rosh Hanikra.


Israel is the perfect place to bring your family together. If your child is interested in a bar or bat mitzvah in Israel, consider bat mitzvah tours to Israel. Use this momentous moment to explore the magical and meaningful country with the people you love most, and make sure your child has a memorable bar or bat mitzvah that will stay with them for years to come.


  • Decipher the “writing on the walls” in southern Tel Aviv’s Bohemian neighborhoods with an art expert on a graffiti tour
  • Wind your way through the largest and busiest marketin in Israel at Shuk HaCarmel
  • Take Stand Up Paddleboard classes from a world champion windsurfer and former Olympic athlete
  • Take a Tornado boat into the grottos of Rosh Hanikra
  • Have a memorable bar mitzvah in Israel

*Some experiences are subject to minimum group size

Day by Day Suggested Program

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As per flight Arrive in Israel

Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport
Meet a VIP Service representative as you exit the plane, who will guide and assist you through the airport arrivals process, including passport control, customs, and baggage claim to make your Israel bar mitzvah tours easy. The representative will connect you with your driver for your transfer.

Transfer from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv

Overnight Tel Aviv

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

The Gateway to the Land of Israel
Explore the ancient port city of Jaffa on a bat mitzvah in Israel. For more than 5,000 years this magical port city brimming with life, color, and excitement served as the setting for the first leg of the journey for the sailors, pilgrims, and adventurers who “washed upon the shores” of the Holy Land. Step foot in the place where Jonah the Prophet embarked on a journey that would become one of the most famous stories ever told.

Lunch Lunch at Jaffa’s Flea Market [on own account]
Just next to Jaffa’s picturesque Old City and ancient Clock Tower, is a treasure trove of antiques, handmade and secondhand items over at the Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk HaPishpushim). Restaurants and coffee shops line the streets for weary shoppers to refresh and watch the crowds go by.

Afternoon No Room for Small Dreams
Built in 1996 and named after its founder, the late Israeli President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Shimon Peres, visit the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation non-profit. Discover the incredible story of the Innovation Nation, and the people behind it with the aim of promoting a better future of prosperity and peace.

Graffiti Tour The Writings on the Wall Workshop
Come decipher the “writing on the walls” as you explore southern Tel Aviv’s bohemian neighborhoods with an art expert, Shani Werner. Smoke out graffiti, street signs, and bumper stickers filled with humorous Hebrew gems and insights into contemporary Israeli culture.

Overnight Tel Aviv

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

Tel Aviv Mystery Tour
Mystery Tour: Nothing is what it seems, and everything (and anything) around you could be part of the game – trust no one! Submerge yourself in a fantastic experience that is part walking tour, part mystery show, part adventure. It’s a race to solve enigmatic riddles, as you navigate the city, and meet the people around you. Sounds too vague? Revealing any more would spoil the fun!

Afternoon Taste of Tel Aviv
Wind your way through the largest and busiest market in Tel Aviv and in Israel – Shuk HaCarmel (Hebrew for “The Carmel Market”). Savor the noise, smells and excitement as you taste spices, pickled treats, fresh fruits & veggies, and some local delicacies. Whether you prefer salty or sweet, you will be able to try new foods and hear the stories of the vendors. Their stories hail from Morocco, Yemen, Ethiopia, and more, bringing an international flavor to the Middle East.

A Stand Up Paddle Lesson with Amit Inbar
Learn how to navigate yourself on a Stand Up Paddleboard and get first-hand tips from Amit Inbar, world champion windsurfer and former Olympic athlete.

Overnight Tel Aviv

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel and check out

Top Gun
At 1,320 mph and 50,000 ft high, gain a heightened understanding of Israel’s geopolitical challenges from the seat of an F-16 or F-35 Simulator. Be it a Colonel (res.) or Brigadier General (res.), learn from senior IDF fighter pilots the techniques and methods that were used to train them and gain insight into the strategic challenges posed by Israel’s complex location and geographical nature.

Lunch Lunch [on own account]

Afternoon Ports, Kings and Crusaders
Meet your local guide and explore the port city of Akko, tasting the local foods and engaging in the unique intermingled history of Arabs, Jews, and Christians. Walkthrough the Knights Halls, the market places, and the ancient port. Meet the locals and hear their stories and enjoy lunch in a local’s home.

Tornado Boat
Take a Tornado boat from the docks in Nahariya via the Akhziv islands into the grottos of Rosh Hanikra, explore this magnificent spectacle of nature from a unique perspective. The white chalky cliffs give way to cavernous tunnels created by the pounding sea on the stony area. The Tornado boats will whisk you quickly through the area at 45 knots for a great adventure. [Pending IDF confirmation due to proximity to Lebanese border]

Check in to the hotel

Overnight North

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

The Israeli Savana
Set off to an exhilarating experience of nature, wildlife, sports and a bit of splash! Go kayaking across the Sea of Galilee and into the Jordan River estuary. Enjoy spectacular views of the northern region of Israel as you make your way through Beit Tzaida’s lagoons.

Lunch Druze lunch and hospitality
Enjoy a home cooked meal in Daliat El Carmel , taste authentic foods and gain an insight of the Druze community

Afternoon On the Border
A jeep ride along the line of volcanic hills, with overviews on Israel’s border with Syria. Hear a geopolitical update on the Syrian Civil War and its impact on Israel with Captain (res.) Ilan Shulman, former IDF paratrooper, and intelligence officer.

Overnight North

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

A Modern Celebration in an Ancient Land
Join the family for the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony!

Lunch Festive Lunch

Afternoon Water Sports on the Kinneret

Overnight North

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel and check out

The Mystic Realm of Judaism
Located in the Upper Galilee, walk through the colorful alleyways of Tzfat’s enchanted Old City and visit several of the ancient synagogues, as well as the artist’s quarter. This small 16th-century Jewish town is also known as the “World Capital of Kabbalah”, gifting the world with the concept of Tikun Olam (Hebrew for “Repairing the World”).

Lunch Lunch

Afternoon Visit Alfei Menashe
Visit the West Bank Settlement of Alfei Menashe for a short briefing on the current situation and a geopolitical overview.

Travel to Jerusalem

Haas Promenade
A panoramic overlook of Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade.

Check in to the hotel

Overnight Jerusalem

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

The Historic Nucleus
Visit the City of David, the ancient capital of Jerusalem, established 3000 years ago by King David. Inaccessible for 19 years, the site has been continuously excavated since the reunification of Jerusalem with fascinating revelations constantly emerging. You’ll be introduced to the excavations and recent archaeological developments with a comprehensive tour of the site with your own private guide.

Lunch Lunch [on own account]

Afternoon The Great Bridge
After years of development work and archaeological preservation, get a glimpse of the Western Wall Tunnels newest revelations. Embark on a private guided tour and descend even lower and deeper down the ground. Walk beneath the Great Bridge that led to the Second Temple and explore the different rooms and halls that served the people of that glorious time.

Four Quarters, Three Religions, One God
Walk through the alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem and discover the intertwined stories of Jews, Christians & Muslims throughout all four quarters. Make a wish and slip a note to the cracks of the Western Wall and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, home to the empty tomb of Jesus.

Overnight Jerusalem

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

Dig for a Day
Visit the Beit Guvrin National Park and participate in hands-on VIP archaeological excavations in the subterranean complexes of the ancient City of Maresha. Dig, shlep and sift as you excavate the 2-year-old subterranean complex of this ancient city. Followed by a spelunking expedition through The Land of a Thousand Caves to discover the impressive cisterns, olive presses as well as columbarium and burial caves.

Lunch Lunch [on own account]

Afternoon FAUDA! Organized Chaos
Fauda Base is a unique space inspired by the world-renowned TV series “Fauda” (Arabic for “Chaos”) that gave the world a glimpse on the exhilarating and mysterious daily realities of real fighters defending the State of Israel. Feel like an actual Special Undercover Forces soldier and take part in an extraordinary operation! Train with specialist instructors on how to save lives by learning Krav Maga, how to shoot and more. The operation is held in the constructed “Arab Village” including actors dressed as terrorists and innocent civilians to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Overnight Jerusalem

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

Remembering the Holocaust
A comprehensive private tour of Yad Vashem including the Historical Museum, The Children’s Memorial, and the Hall of remembrance. As the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations. Take part in a special twinning program that matches the Bar and Bat Mitzvah children with children from the Holocaust, highlighting connections, and creating a special understanding of the tragedy of the past.

Afternoon The Heart of Jerusalem
A tasting tour through the Machane Yehuda fresh produce market, take in the sights and sounds of this fantastic Jerusalem institution, and grab some lunch on the way. Hear the stories of the many different ethnic backgrounds of the vendors who bring the wares to the market and see the influence from the incredible diversity of cultures: Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, Ethiopia, and so many more.

Overnight Jerusalem

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel

From Narrative to Symbol
Take a cable car or hike to the top of Masada to tell the ancient story of the 960 men, women, and children that were the last to resist the Romans during the Great Jewish Revolt almost 2,000 years ago. The story of Masada has become synonymous with Israel’s quest for freedom and independence in modern times.

Afternoon The Lowest Point on Earth
At 1,385 feet below sea level, visit the lowest point on Earth and experience effortless floating on the Dead Sea’s hypersaline waters. Have lunch, swim and relax at a Dead Sea hotel.

Overnight Jerusalem

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Morning Breakfast at the hotel and check out

As per flight Transfer from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport

Israel Departure
Arrive at the airport, and be greeted by a VIP Service representative who will assist you through the airport with the check-in process, security, passport control, and to the gate of the plane.
Return flight home
*This is a sample itinerary and can be fully customized to your family’s preference.


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