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We’ve been the Israel experts creating memorable trips to Israel for over 40 years.  Experience Israel’s incredible treasures and rich history.  Journey through sacred sites, ancient spaces, its brilliant Mediterranean coast, deserts and forests and its mystical villages. Enjoy the vibrant cosmopolitan cities filled with bars and cafes and take in this unique destination.

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In conjunction with Volunteers for Israel (VFI), discover and enjoy the experience of an All-Inclusive volunteer adventure. Reside and work on an IDF base for 9 days; tour Israel in style for 8 days.
From  $2,398
17 days | 16 nights
Multiple Departures
Reside and work on an IDF base for 9 days; tour Israel in style for 8 days. For repeat volunteers and those who have already seen the major must-see tourist sites.

17 days | 16 nights
Multiple Departures
For over 40 years, Gil Travel has helped families just like yours strengthen their ties to Judaism and make cherished memories with personalized Bar & Bat Mitzvah Israel tours.

What better way to learn about Jewish history then to go on our Jewish Heritage Israel Tour! This tour is a perfect first time introduction to the land of Israel
From  $1,657
11 days | 9 nights
Multiple Departures
The Grand Jewish Heritage Israel Tour is just that; GRAND! This tour is the perfect opportunity for those experiencing Israel for the first time, or those who want to have an extended Tel Aviv touring experience.
From  $1,980
13 days | 11 nights
Multiple Departures
The Ultimate Jewish Heritage Israel Tour brings you around Israel to experience its offerings in every corner, complete with an extended time in Tel Aviv and special excursion to Eilat in the south.
From  $2,608
16 days | 14 nights
Multiple Departures
Join us on a Christian Tour in Israel to explore a country that is rich in culture and history, the foundation of three major religions and one of the most modern and tech-savvy countries.
From  $1,336
6 days | 7 nights
Multiple Departures
Join us in Israel on one of the best Christian Holy Land pilgrimage tours to explore a country that is rich in culture and historic sites, taking you on a journey to the Holy Land’s most sacred places.
From  $2025
12 days | 10 nights
Multiple Departures
Discover the best of Jerusalem and Masada on this three-day biblical tour. Explore Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the place of Jesus’ birth. Journey to Masada and then end the tour at the Dead Sea.
From  $628
3 days | 2 nights
Multiple Departures
This one day tour takes you through both Jerusalem and Bethlehem, which provides a wonderful introduction to the rich Christian heritage in Israel.
From  $104
1 day |
Visit Caesarea, the ancient Roman capital and port; see the theatre, archaeological ruins and excavations. Journey to Haifa for a scenic view of the city; proceed via Nahariya to Rosh Hanikra to visit the grottos.
From  $108
1 day |
Visit breathtaking Caesarea, the ancient Roman capital and port; enjoy a walking tour of the theatre and the archaeological ruins and excavations. ...
From  $835
3 days | 2 nights
Multiple Departures


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the "Trip of a Lifetime!" Everything and everyone exceeded my highest expectations!I don't know how you managed to put together such a cohesive group of people without ever having met us. From the moment we greeted each other at the airport in Newark, we became a family.  The tour itinerary was ...


Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. The guides, Gadi and Elizabeth could not be beat. They worked so hard to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of well. Their knowledge expanded our grasp of the land, the people and our history. We were so fortunate to team up with a great group of ...


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Where And What To Eat In Israel

Discovering a new country often happens through food, and the middle east has some delicious touristic claims in that department. Israel, in particular, offers simple but filling and tasty meals. Not spicy, not oily, even pretty healthy, with many vegetarian options, everyone’s sure to find something to their taste.

7 Most Important Biblical Spost In Israel

Thousands of pilgrims come to Israel every year to see with their own eyes the places described in the Bible or to gain deeper knowledge of the history behind christianity. To walk in the footsteps of Jesus, Christian tours to israel will take you around Israel for a deeply personal experience where faith and reality meet. The 7 most important biblical spots in Israel are all accessible sites, often full of pilgrims, but keeping always that aura of sacred history!

The Coast Of Israel: Beach And History

Israel is known as a great destination for history fans and pilgrims. But what many people forget, is that Israel is also an amazing beach destination, with sun shining most of the year and everything a good beach spot can provide! The country is framed by no less than three seas: the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. So, no need to choose between a culture bath and an actual bath, you can do both on your Israel tours!

3 Boutique Hotels in Israel

Taking tours in Israel brings a lot of excitement, adventures and a better insight into the history and culture of any visited place. For those in search of adventure, as well as water sport fans, they can enjoy plenty of them since Israel has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Middle East. Once in Israel, one cannot miss spending a night in some its most luxurious and beautiful boutique hotels that have lots to offer, from swimming pools, sea views, gyms and spas, to unique areas for parties and restaurants serving delicious, both Israeli and international cuisine.