Israel Travel Safety

Israel travel safety is often misunderstood as being questionable. But one visit to this beautiful country will convince you otherwise. To sum up the question “Is it safe to travel to Israel?” the answer is simply, “Yes”.

With that being said, there are a few Israel travel safety tips to help ensure an unforgettable experience.


General Israel Travel Safety Tips –“common sense warnings”

  • Mostly everyone speaks English in Israel and they are known for being friendly people, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question.
  • There is very little violent crime but petty theft does exist, keep an eye on your cell phones and wallets.
  • Tel Aviv is a city that is vibrant and alive day and night. It’s a walking city and everything is open quite late. Women can feel safe walking around at any time of the day or evening. That being said, keep your eyes open and use common sense as you would in any other city.
  • Exchange money in the airport or at change places – avoid exchanging money on the street.
  • During the summer months (mid-July to mid-August) there are jellyfish in the water. They are not a particularly dangerous kind but if they sting it does hurt.
  • The beaches in Israel are public and most have lifeguards during the day. They make their announcements in a few languages so just listen out for them.
  • When taking a taxi, always ask to put the meter on.

Israel Security travel Tips

  • Avoid traveling to Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Exercise caution in East Jerusalem and areas outside of the ‘Green Line’. (Note that all Gil Travel Israel tours 2 visit areas only within the ‘Green Line’ and are considered perfectly safe.)
  • It is advisable to check the US travel warning to see if they have made any new updates
  • Many public places like restaurants and malls have security

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