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The Gil Travel staff has prepared a list recommended restaurants in Haifa. The list includes some of the best restaurants in Haifa, which we recommend to visit during an Israel tour.

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1872 Hashmura Restaurant
Address: 15 Ben Gurion Blvd, Haifa
Tel: 04-8551872
Location: German Colony
Price Range: Main courses $12 – $24 per person
Cuisine: Rustic French
Kosher: No
Comments: “Occupying a restored German Colony mansion built in 1872 this restaurant offers charm, and good, hearty French-style meals that arrive at your table in generous portions.” -Frommer’s

Address: 12 HaDekekim St.
Tel: 04-8668813
Price Range: $14 – $20 per person
Type of Cuisine: Fish
Kosher: No
Comments: “Jacko, a retired fisherman, originally came from Izmir, on the coast of Turkey, you’ll also find a Sephardic-Aegean touch in first courses such as the Turkish-style “paella” or in the mezze of little salads that comes with your main course.”- Frommer’s
Credit Cards: Not accepted

Abu Yusuf
Address: 1 Ha-Meginim St.
Tel: 04-8663723
Location: Near the Port
Price Range: Middle Eastern salad bar $3. Main courses $8 – $18 per person
Type of Cuisine: Arabic
Kosher: Yes, Kosher-mehadrin
Comments: “Food tends toward the Lebanese, featuring kubbeh, hummus with meat, grilled heart (delicious!), and roast chicken.” -Frommer’s

Casa Italiana
Address: 119 Ha-Nassi Blvd
Location: Central Carmel
Tel: 04-8381336
Price Range: Main courses $8 – $14 per person
Type of Cuisine: European, Italian
Comments: “A small, family-run restaurant where you can have a filling meal of spaghetti, cannelloni, or a truly hefty pizza with fresh toppings for less than $9.” -Frommer’s

El Gaucho Argentine Steak House
Address: 120 Yefe Nof St.
Tel: 04-8370997
Location: Across from the Holiday Inn Hotel, Central Carmel
Price Range: $10 – $30 per person
Type of Cuisine: Steaks, South American
Kosher: Yes
Comments: “Specializes in Argentinean-style grilled meat, cooked over the coals behind the many cuts of fresh meat on display for all to see. The decor here is ranch-style, and many of the chefs are from South America.” -Frommer’s

Nof Chinese Restaurant
Address: 101 Ha-Nassi Blvd
Tel: 04-5635284
Location: Inside the Nof Hotel, Central Carmel
Price Range: $12 – $18 per person
Type of Cuisine: Chinese
Kosher: Yes
Comments: “A comfortable and well-known kosher Chinese restaurant, the Nof Chinese specializes in hot-pot creations and a variety of regional styles of preparation.” -Frommer’s

Location: End of Bat Galim Promenade, Bat Galim
Tel: 04-8526835
Price Range: Main courses $7 – $16 per person
Type of Cuisine: Dairy, Vegetarian
Comments: Israeli-style, veggies, dairy, fruit shakes, good breakfast. “Right on the beach, at the lower terminus of Haifa’s famous aerial cable car, this is an extremely popular emporium for dairy and vegetarian food.” – Frommer’s

Cafes & Sandwich Bars

Lehem Erez
Address: 33 Moriah St.
Tel: 04-8101690
Location: Central Carmel
Kosher: No
Comments: Bakery, Cafe. “Sandwiches are all served on fabulous breads lightly drizzled with olive oil or touched with herbed, homemade dressings. The dessert list is legendary.” -Frommer’s