Helpful Travel Links

Your tour to Israel is special for so many reasons; you hope to learn about the history of Israel, or to rediscover your religious roots by taking a Jewish tour or Christian Holy Land tour, or perhaps you just want to join the fun of the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv and the deep-rooted history of Jerusalem. In order to help you make the most of your Israel travel plans, we have provided a list of helpful travel links to get you started.

» Bloomberg Currency Calculator

Calculate exchange rates for more than 200 currencies.

» Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Information about vaccinations and info on preventing illnesses – a government agency and leading authority on travel health around the world.

» Fodors Travel Guide

A guide to places all over the world. Find great shopping, restaurants, and what there is to do in each city.

» The World FactBook – Get the Facts

All you want to know about any place in the world. Facts from the CIA fact book.

» TimeTicker – International Time Converter

Explore time zones around the world and even set your computer’s time clock.

» TravelLang – Learn a New Language

Get free language lessons. You can access translating dictionaries in more than 70 languages. There are also audio files so that you can hear the pronunciation.

» Money Exchange

Find out the current exchange rate for any currency. You can even print out wallet-sized “cheat sheets” for rates between two currencies.

» Passport Information

Need to renew an old passport? Need a new one? This government site has all the information to help you get a passport.

» Temperature Conversion Tool

Find out your destinations weahter before you go with this online temperature conversion website.

» Focus – Travel Photos Guide

Get valuable photo tips to help record that vacation on film.

» ZVS – Visa Information

This website will tell you allabout visa requirements; including the cost involved. You can even print out applications for visas (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to print)

» WMO Members – Weather Worldwide

This site not only give you the current weather forecast, but also the average weather year around for anywhere in the world.