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7 Best Hummus Places in Israel

Israeli’s obsession with great Hummus is hard to understand until one eats hummus from the best places in Israel. Thus, it is super important to get your hummus dish in the right place at the right time, for that, we gathered some of the best hummus places Israel has to offer as a guide for your next trip to Israel.

For most tourists arriving in Israel, hummus is surely on their bucket list for the trip, as Israeli hummus is praised all over the globe. Once they have eaten their first dish it is hard not to ask for it every day and hour of the trip, and the more the merrier.

Doesn’t matter where you’re looking for the best hummus in Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or anywhere else in Israel, it’s one of the best foods to eat for its nutrients. This ultimate Israeli fast food made from chickpeas is full of iron, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Even though it’s high in fat, most of it is unsaturated. This healthy fast food is definitely worth giving a try to get the most from your trip to Israel.

Why is hummus so popular in Israel?

There are a few different theories for why hummus became so popular in Israel. One is that it suited Jewish kashrut laws and food restrictions. Hummus is a dish served well with vegetarian, dairy, and meat dishes, so can be eaten at any kosher meal. Hummus became especially popular in the austerity years because it was a nutritious and cheap substitute for meat. Telma came out with the first mass-produced commercial hummus in 1958, and the dish is now considered sacred in Israeli culture.

How is hummus served in Israel?

Hummus has gone through quite a few stages in Israel. From its classic form to fusion hummus from new immigrant communities, it is ever-changing. However, the most common version of the dish in Israel is in a large bowl, sprinkled with cumin, parsley, and other spices. Many hummus restaurants also add fava beans or meat, and it’s eaten with hot pita bread and pickled cucumbers. 

Some places serve hummus as a starter or side dish and usually will involve meat or fish as the main dish, for those that look for a greater culinary experience check this post we have made about one of Israel’s leading restaurants. 

Now without further ado, let’s get into the best places for hummus in Israel

Who makes the best hummus in Jaffa and Tel Aviv?

Try the hummus places in Tel Aviv

Hummus Abu Hassan in Jaffa

If you’re looking for a place that has passed a family’s recipe from generation to generation, this might be the right place for you. People come to Jaffa and wait in line to try this hummus, served with bread pita, very spicy green sauce, and sliced onion.

Always greeting their customers with a smile on their faces, this place has become the favorite one for many visitors.

The place serves hummus with or without ful, masabha, or a triplet- a combination of the three.

The venue is quite small, with only five tables for four people inside, and two small tables outside. But the experience and the locals are amazing, the tables are sheared and people are mixed together to eat hummus and exchange greetings.

Mashawasha Hummus

Mashawasha is also one of the best hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv, located on Pinsker Street, one of the most famous streets of Tel Aviv. This charming and sunny café-style hummus joint serves mashawasha, a type of hummus that includes whole chickpeas and so gives a creamy texture.

Part of the menu and also pivotal for the experience are homemade pickles, fresh salad, and warm pita bread. What regular visitors recommend is trying mashawasha with onions, fried mushrooms, and tahini- a delicious experience you’ll never forget.

Turkish coffee and juice can be ordered to fulfill your meal. Helpful and really friendly staff and lots of satisfied guests give this place great energy and make it definitely worth visiting.

Bahadonas Hummus

Bahadonas a well-respected institute by locals is located in the high-tech area of Rival Street in Tel Aviv and Dizengoff street. It is a chain of restaurants, so you might find them outside Tel Aviv as well. It serves hummus with different toppings. The standard hummus doesn’t have any additions; smooth texture and mild flavoring. Topping options include: hummus with ful (fava beans stew), hummus with mushrooms, and Mesabaha (hummus with tahini).

The place also serves a combo of hummus with salad or falafel at discounted prices.

hummus Abu Adham

This place might have the best hummus in Tel Aviv. It’s called Abu Adham and this vintage hummus restaurant is located on Carlebach Street. It has served authentic local hummus since 2003. The hummus is prepared with the texture of their famous Galil recipe, very smooth and fresh every day.

The restaurant serves four kinds of hummus types: Hummus Ful, Mashshewea, Hummus with garbanzo beans, and The Meshulash (ful, garbanzo beans and meshashawa).

You may also find Hummus mushrooms, Hummus with meat, and plain Hummus in this place. And you could get a takeaway for the road of course.

While enjoying great hummus places in Tel Aviv consider exploring more and visiting the most famous streets in Tel Aviv.

Find the best hummus in Israel

Hummus Ashkara

This hummus restaurant is very popular among local celebrities and tourists. Its popularity comes with its quite thick hummus with unique texture, making it some of the best hummus in Israel. Not being overly spiced, it allows you to feel the real taste of the chickpeas. Besides very delicious hummus, the place also serves salads, eggs, chips, falafel, tahini, fava beans, and other add-ons.

The restaurant is open until 2 am every day except Fridays and is always full with locals, who adore the place.

Who makes the best hummus in Jerusalem?

Hummus Pinati

This hummus restaurant is located at 13 King George Street in Jerusalem, and is well known to many as the best hummus in Jerusalem. This secret tourist attraction does not only serve hummus, but it is also a kosher place; it is a family business, running for almost forty years.

The guests have the option to order the standard hummus, but also to enjoy Kubbeh soup (special dumpling-like morsels). The reasons why guests always come back for more is the fresh food and fantastic and very tasty, yet not watered down hummus. Friendly and fast service makes your stay even more enjoyable and pleasant.

Who makes the best hummus in Akko?

Clean hummus is the best hummus in Israel

Hummus Said

One of the most famous places in Akko is Humus Said, a relatively large venue, compared to the others which are mostly small. This restaurant has been serving hummus for about 35 years.

The space, filled with sunshine due to its large windows, is very popular among locals and tourists. There is always a line of people waiting for their place and their portion of hummus.

Aside from hummus, Mahluta (a tasty dish of spiced and cooked ful) and Mashawasha hummus(ingredients are similar to hummus, but the texture is different) are also served. Though very simple, this place is full of delicious hummus and generosity.

That sums up our best hummus places to eat in Israel and we hope you will get to enjoy all of them soon. If traveling with a group or with your family is your goal you might want to consider a local tour guide, we wrote a post about what one should look for in a tour guide that might help you choose one in the future.

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