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A Taste of Israel: MachneYuda and Chef Assaf Granit

“For starters, I will take a sashimi passion fruit with pickled kohlrabi and tobiko; I will have the fillet mignon with yogurt pesto, and beet mashed potatoes as my entrée. For dessert, you might as well add in the tiramisu with pistachio cookies & cream.”

The featured image above is just a glimpse of the mouthwatering items offered by the iconic MachneYuda restaurant in Jerusalem.  At MachneYuda, Chef Assaf Granit has taken the restaurant scene in Jerusalem to another level. Assaf Granit was born and raised in Jerusalem and is notable for being the winner of Israel’s Iron Chef. Internationally versed in his art, Chef Granit has become unstoppable.  He combines his culinary innovation with the heart of Jerusalem cuisine making it almost impossible to get a reservation at MachneYuda unless made weeks prior.

He is a restaurant connoisseur in Jerusalem and has expanded his craft outside Israel’s walls. As the co-chef of The Palomar, which was recently named one of London’s best new restaurants by GQ magazine, Chef Granit is able to share the modernization of Israeli cuisine with native Brits and those visiting London.


Chef Asaf Granit of Machneyuda (Photo: Tom Lahat) Chef Asaf Granit of Machneyuda (Photo: Tom Lahat)


On your next trip to Israel, MachneYuda is a must-eat.  Here at Gil Travel, our own travelers will have a chance to taste the mastery of Chef Granit.  Gil Travel’s Culinary Tour will not only include a dinner at MachneYuda but the opportunity to explore Israeli cuisine with award-winning chefs throughout the Holy Land. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for those traveling with this tour to truly experience a taste of Israel with chefs that have thrived to preserve it’s culinary roots.

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