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Family Adventure Sports in Israel

Thanks to the wide variety of terrain in Israel it is full of adventure sports and extreme sports locations all over the country. From kayaking in the Jorden river to repelling Nahal Rahaf in the desert, and surfing the beautiful med sea beaches.

If you wish you can even experience the “holy trinity” of extreme sports in one day thanks to Israel being the size of New Jersey, surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Israel has it all both from urban adventure setting to nature’s best extreme settings, all you are left with is to pick the right sport for you and get going.

Israel has beautiful deserts in the south and mountains in the north both with exciting hiking and bike trails. And many more places in the center for rappelling. One of the best ways to tour Israel and see all that it has to offer is through immersing in its natural environment.

Have you considered paragliding in Israel, surfing in Israel, or skydiving in Israel? While these extreme sports are often not associated with the tiny country, they’re very popular and Israel is a great and safe location to test the limits and try them.

But if you are coming on a vacation there are certain things you might wish to know. Like where to go with kids? Is there a best extreme sport in Israel? And how to avoid crowds?

Where can I take my kids in Israel? 

Israel is highly family-friendly and as mentioned above has a lot to offer in regard to extreme adventure sports. Kids can do anything so go water skiing if you are in Tel Aviv and while in the north or south go on an ATV ride in nature. Additionally, if you all love the beach then surfing is a great option with many days of mellow waves that are perfect for smaller kids and beginners. The possibilities for outdoor adventure with kids are limitless. 

What are the best Extreme Sports in Israel? 

Israel is a great travel destination for extreme sports, and determining the best extreme sport in the country is a bit hard. There are however better conditions for some sports than others, such as windsurfing in the sea of galilee with strong winds during the summer, and amazing bike trails near Jerusalem that will take you from the top of the mountain through the forest to the very bottom.

So just make sure to pick the adventure sport you like the most, Israel has it all. 

What Extreme Sports in Israel are good for avoiding crowds?

Many extreme sports are good for avoiding crowds. Some of the best ways to see the nature of Israel while participating in an extreme sport are through extreme sports in Israel that take place in the woods, such as mountain biking or ATV riding. It’s also possible to avoid crowds on a less-crowded beach by surfing or windsurfing. 

Mountain Bike Trails In Israel

Whether it is the Israeli invention of cardboard bikes, the sport of mountain biking, or the green bikes that line the streets of Tel Aviv, Israelis are always cycling around as they explore the country. Follow the locals to these exciting adventure bike trails in some of Israel’s most scenic spots!

Here you will find some of the best bike trails in Israel.

Bike Trails In Northern Israel

1. Ofer Forest and Nof Carmel

Ofer Forest is in the middle of the Carmel Mountain Range. There are marked bike routes and a loop on a ridge line trail. It’s mostly smooth singletrack and very flowy. Not so technical and ok for most beginners.

This is a beautiful route for views. Riders pass through pines, shrubs, and cypress tree groves, as well as some archaeological sites. Wildlife includes deer, songbirds, mongoose, jackals, and foxes.

Location: Carmel Mountains

What You’ll See: Unique wildlife and the Mediterranean Sea of Haifa

Level: Beginner to Advanced

2. Shvil Sovev Kinneret

This trail goes around the Sea of Galilee. It’s a great place for walking and cycling and is marked by the colors white-purple-white. The best places are Ammon Bay and the shores of the Golan. It starts at Kibbutz HaOn and continues on to Ma’agan, the Degania Dam, and Kibbutz Kinneret.

Location: Sea of Galilee

What You’ll See: A breathtaking view on a 60 km trail surrounding the sea

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Mountain Bike In Central Israel

1. Park Hayarkon

Park Hayarkon is a 6.6 km loop trail near Tel Aviv. It’s easy and only takes around an hour and a half to complete. It’s a great place for biking, but bikers share the loop with runners and walkers. The trail begins along the Yakor river towards the Tel Aviv Port. It’s one of the largest parks in the country.

Location: Tel Aviv

What You’ll See: Lots of locals enjoying the Yarkon River and the Tel Aviv Port

Level: Beginner

2. Metropolitan Park

The Jerusalem Metropolitan Park covers 3700 acres and surrounds the capital. It has a sports center, footpaths, bike trails, cafes, and more. It’s a great place to see ruins of canals and pools from ancient times as well as other architectural wonders.

Location: Jerusalem

What You’ll See: Scenic ancient hills and winding bike paths

Level: Beginner

Wildlife, up close and personal

Mountain Bike In Southern Israel

1. Ramon Crater

If you’re into rappelling, the Ramon Crater is the place to go. It’s in the Negev Desert and is the world’s largest erosion crater. It was created 220 million years ago and is 40 km in length and between 2 and 10 km wide. The Negev in general is a haven for extreme sports and a great place to rappel, mountain bike, and hike in Israel. 

Location: Mitzpe Ramon

What You’ll See: Rocky desert mountains surrounding a unique geological phenomena

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Read more on this post about the magic of the Negev desert

2. Wadi Trail

The Wadi Trail is 34.6 kilometers and is in the Southern District HaDarom. It’s excellent for bike touring and mountain biking and is one place in Israel you won’t find many people.

Location: Sde Boker

What You’ll See: Mountains and remnants of a kibbutz near David Ben-Gurion’s home

Level: Beginner to Advanced

ATV And Jeep Trails In Israel

There’s nothing like exploring rocky terrain in a fast ATV or Jeep! ATVing in Israel is an exciting, adrenaline-filled way to explore the terrain of Israel and get your heart beating fast. To add more fun and activity to your Israel touring experience, try some of these incredible, adrenaline-inducing ATV and Jeep rides.

ATV And Jeep Trips In Northern Israel

1. Moshav Dishon

Interested in ATVing in the Upper Galilee? This off-road adventure takes place around Upper Galilee, the Golan Heights, and Hula Valley. Look out at views from high cliffs, drive through valleys, and–not for the faint of heart–cross rivers on your ATV. It’s even possible to see the snow on top of Mount Hermon from the ride, or ride along the Sea of Galilee and see the valleys covered in blossoms.

Location: Upper Galilee

What You’ll See: A green hilly terrain surrounding the Dishon River

Level: Beginner to Advanced

2. Moshav Ramot Naftali

Another great Moshav for ATV rentals, this Moshav is located in the Ramim Mountain range and overlooks the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.

Location: Upper Galilee

What You’ll See: Birds in the Hula Valley and the Ramim Mountain Range

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Adventurous fun for the whole family

ATV And Jeep Trips In Central Israel

1. Givat Massuah

We bet you’ve never thought about ATVing in Jerusalem. Ride through the Jerusalem hills and look at the view of the holy city. Get splattered with mud, stop to take pictures, and see this famous city from a whole new perspective.

Location: Jerusalem

What You’ll See: The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and beautiful historic mountains

Level: Beginner

2. Moshav Herut

This moshav is located in the Sharon Plain near Tel Mond, and is a great place to adventure on an ATV.

Location: Sharon Plain

What You’ll See: Advanced Israeli technology through riding the “Tomcar” in this charming village

Level: Intermediate

ATV And Jeep Trips In Southern Israel

1. Eilat Mountain Reserve

Explore the breathtaking red mountains of Eilat, or take a night ride as a couple. This national park is ethereal and otherworldly, and there’s no better way to cover ground than on an ATV.

Location: Eilat

What You’ll See: Dry river beds and the remarkable Red Canyon

Level: Beginner

2. Qumran Caves

Any ATV ride in the Judean desert will be spectacular, but this ride leads you to the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Location: Judean Desert

What You’ll See: Biblical caves where Dead Sea Scrolls were found

Level: Beginner

Rock Climbing And Rappelling Trails

Israel is a great place for rock climbing and rappelling. Explore Israel’s caves and canyons on its rock climbing or rappelling trails for a memorable experience by rappelling in Israel! For a challenge filled with adrenaline and adventure, check out these amazing rock climbing and rappelling locations.

Rock Climbing And Rappelling In Northern Israel

1. Black Canyon

The Black Canyon is a great place to go rappelling. It’s filled with water year round and is one of the most intense places to rappel in the Golan Heights.

Location: Golan Heights

What You’ll See: Volcanic stone canyon full of waterfalls

Level: Expert

2. Rainbow Cave

The Keshet cave is located in the Galilee. It’s a large natural arch with a shallow cave beneath, and is a great location for rappelling. There are anchors in the rock for fastening ropes, as well as a sturdy metal guardrail. Once you rappel down, there’s a trail back up to the parking area.

Location: Adamant Mountain Ridge

What You’ll See: A rainbow-like arch with amazing views of the Galilee

Level: Intermediate

Rock Climbing And Rappelling In Central Israel

1. Ein Farah

If you’re into Rock Climbing, this is the place to be. It’s one of the best sport climbing sites in the Middle East and has both trad and sport climbs.

Location: Judean Desert

What You’ll See: Canyon in a national park full of eucalyptus trees and water pools

Level:  Beginner

2. Luzit Cave

Luzit Cave is a great place for rappelling. There are plenty of different rock climbing routes once you repel down. Nearby within the Bar Kochba caves, you can explore a network of underground caves used by the Bar Kochba rebels in the revolt against the Roman Empire in 132 CE.

Location: Moshav Luzit

What You’ll See: A chain of connected caves made out of limestone

Level: Beginner

Rock Climbing And Rappelling In Southern Israel

1. Nachal Rachaf

Nachal Rachaf is a canyon in the southern Judean Desert. After rappelling, it’s a great place to explore narrow passages and encounter pools to swim across. There are plenty of beautiful waterfalls to rappel from and it’s a great location to see birds, animals, and deer that come to drink the water from the canyon.

Location: Judean Desert

What You’ll See: Waterfalls, breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert, wildlife

Level: Intermediate – Expert

2. Nachal Tamarim

Nachal Tamarim is close to the Dead Sea. It’s a hike up and a rappel down through the canyon while looking at the Dead Sea views. You can rappel down 200 feet of a waterfall as well as a high cliff. Rock climbers can climb at one of the dry waterfalls, but it is recommended for experts.

Location: Judean Desert

What You’ll See: Dry waterfalls with a view of the Dead Sea and Jordanian Mountains

Level: Intermediate – Expert

If you have any questions or looking for a family tour in Israel Find out more about our Israel tours here!

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